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Questions you should never ask candidates in an interview

Memory Nguwi

oUR research shows that roughly about 90% of managers and other executives who interview candidates in a job interview have never gone through formal training.

They are often briefed just before the interview and they get on with it. As a result, most of the interviews are poorly structured and rarely identify the best candidate for the job.

The majority of questions asked by untrained and careless job interviewers are illegal or have nothing to do with selecting the best candidate for the job. Here are the questions the untrained interviewers ask, questions that should never be asked in a job interview:

Are you married?

What is your religion?

I do not see your age on your CV, how old are you?

You are 55 years old why would you apply for a job that needs a young person like this one?

What is your religion and will your religion not interfer with our work commitments?

Where does your spouse work?

You seem old enough to be married, any particular reason why you are not married?

How many children do you have?

Your CV shows that you are married, but you did not indicate the number of kids you have, why?

Why would you want to leave your home area to come and work in a place very far away from your home area like this?

Most people here speak Shona/Ndebele, do you not think that environment is unfair to you?

You seem to be not feeling well, how are you going to cope with the demands of this job given your health?

Are you Zimbabwean?

Do you have any disabilities that may work against you doing this job satisfactorily?

Tell me something you hate about your last employer?

Where do you go to church here in Harare?

Which political party do you support?

Are you not the same person who was arrested last year?

How is it that you are in a senior role in your current job, but you do not seem to have a Master’s degree?

You have been 16 years with one organisation, is that not a sign that you are incompetent?

Nguwi is an occupational psychologist, data scientist, speaker and managing consultant at Industrial Psychology Consultants (Pvt) Ltd, a management and HR consulting firm.
https://www.linkedin.com/in/memorynguwi/ Phone +263 24 2481 946-48/ 2290 0276, cell number +263 772 356 361 or e-mail: mnguwi@ipcconsultants.com or visit ipcconsultants.com.

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