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Types of Cryptocurrency Wallet

Digital currencies are as good as cash or better than cash. Cryptocurrency is digital, you cannot touch it, you can only feel its presence. You have to store it safely so you can store them in a cryptocurrency wallet.

Cryptocurrency wallet work 

It is a type of software where you can store both private and public keys and allow the user to easily manage their crypto assets. A person who is holding blockchain wallet can not only store assets but can also send, accept and display cryptocurrency balance

The cryptocurrency looks like mobile banking apps but the working is different behind the screen. A cryptocurrency wallet is combined from private and public keys from which we can find who is having ownership of the digital assets. From bitcoin wallets, it is proved that who is having ownership of the bitcoins. You can use your bitcoins by using private keys and the public key is used for receiving digital assets. Visit the site below by clicking image below if you want to invest in bitcoins

Types of bitcoin wallets 

There are mainly three types of wallets: hot, cold, and warm wallets. A hot wallet is referred to as the wallets which are linked with the internet. Cold wallets are offline while warm wallets are linked with the internet but keep the deposit in cold storage.

Hot and Warm Blockchain Wallets 

Hot blockchain wallets frequently or regularly control your private key separately from being online all the time. As the hot blockchain wallet remains online it has become a target for hackers and most of the crypto exchanges fall in this category. This is the reason for holding your cryptocurrency on your exchange account is not recommended.

If you have found a good experience with what hot wallet provides but you don’t want to wake one day and find zero balance, then you should go for a warm wallet. These wallets keep almost all the funds in cold storage.


Desktop crypto wallet


Just like the name says it remains on the desktop. It is downloaded on PC or laptop and can be only used where it is downloaded. Most of the desktop wallets provide good security but sometimes it brakes. A thing can be worse if your computer gets attacked by a virus maybe you also lose your funds unless you take actions to mitigate such risks.


Mobile Crypto Wallet


They are the app that is installed on the phone and the main advantage is that you can see your funds anytime and anywhere. You can send and receive your payment even if you are not at your place. A mobile crypto wallet holds funds in cold storage but you have no direct control on the private key. Some company provides you the private key after verification of your ID.

Web Crypto Wallet 

It is held on your device as it is on your device you will be getting some advantage and some disadvantage. Gaining access to your pc is not enough to hack the wallet, don’t use the remember password feature ever.

Cold Blockchain Wallets 

Hard crypto wallet

It is a physical device that can be in the shape of a USB drive that stores your private and public keys. Among all the wallets it is considered as the safest wallet to store your digital currencies. Hardware wallets are very hard to be attacked by a virus using it is not a difficult process.

Paper crypto wallet

Paper wallets are very easy to use and can make you sure as it is highly safe it can mean two different things it may be a printed version or a private key. One of the important points of a paper wallet is that you are not saving your key digitally which makes it impossible to get hacked.

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