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How you Can Mix your Coins by Using the Best Bitcoin Mixer in 2020

If you had bought bitcoin when the COVID-19 pandemic was going on, the whole finance market was roiling, you must have doubled your money by July. Cryptocurrency assets like ETH and XRP have also liked the admiring price view in recent weeks. Even the stock market has shot up but their presentation becomes less important in comparison with the finest performing crypto asset. Even cryptocurrencies have earned a position in the market. They have great investment volatility and growing distrust from the centralized institution which makes a strong call from the government worldwide and financial institutions to apply KYC and AML agreements on cryptocurrency investments. Privacy seems to be the most important to hackers who are engaged in illegal acts.


Understanding more about the bitcoin Mixer


After hiding completely your crypto transaction you can easily take away the traceability of your false name bitcoin transaction and connection to your online data confidentiality in the hyperconnected world in which we are living. Invisible bitcoin transactions will protect your privacy.

It is easy to use cryptocurrency privacy tools as in recent years it is gaining fame among all the bitcoin investors where your transaction will be invisible and you will get anonymous from interfering eyes. This is known as bitcoin mixing or bitcoin tumbling. Visit bitcoins-era.io if you want to invest in bitcoins


How to Mix Bitcoin Safely and Anonymously


As linked to other mixers in the market, MyCryptoMixers is a trusted and user-friendly bitcoin mixing platform. Attached with a no-nonsense protective policy that protects its users and important features which is used for a positive obfuscation process and it has earned a fortunate fanbase of keen crypto users who appreciated privacy.


There are very few mixers that support TOR and Clear web mixing and MyCryptoMixer is one of them There are new plans to roll out provision for other false name cryptocurrencies such as ETH which is based on its public response.


There are only Some Steps to earn Bitcoin Anonymity


There are very easy steps as MyCrypto Mixer has a user-friendly interface and it takes 8-10 minutes to complete as briefly explained; Verifying the web address is correct crypto mixer lets the user access its mixing facility by WEB and TOR anonymous browsers. Firstly, you have to verify the website is correct. It is known online that there are many fishing attacks in which similar looking sites are created for safer side use of desktop browsers for visiting the website.


  • Putting your Bitcoin Address

It involves arranging the fund’s distribution, transfer time delay, and bitcoin wallet address and the mixing fees can vary from 0.5% to 5%. While using MyCryptoMixers you will get the direct interface to fill the relevant fields easily. You can only send mixed coins into a maximum of 5 addresses.


  • Sending the required quantity of the mixer

The next page will show ‘’sending’’ bitcoin wallet address. To Increase this anonymous process and then users will see the required BTC amount which is specified by the mixer.


  • Wait for Confirmation

After the mixing process, the users will come to the mixing status page in which the transaction status is shown. If all the information is completed by the user then no action is required in the end.

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