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ED Speech: The people react

People reacted with mixed feelings following President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s national address today. Here are some of the reactions.

Evans Mathanda/Primrose Haisa

Dumisani Muleya-journalist (@DumisaniMuleya) “Mnangagwa’s address to the nation in the wake of a global storm against his corrupt and incompetent regime ruining the economy and perpetrating gross human rights abuses; trending under #ZimbabweanLivesMatter, was truly pathetic.It was as if he had just arrived from Mars”

Brezh Malaba- Journalist (@BrezhMalaba) “President Emmerson Mnangagwa has just finished delivering a very strange televised address to the citizens. Bizarelly,he blames everyone for causing Zimbabwe’s catastrophic collapse–except himself.He says “dark forces”, “opposition terrorist groups” & Western govts are to blame”

Nkululeko Sibanda (@DrNkuSibanda) – Official Spokesperson for MDC-Alliance president Nelson Chamisa: “This has got to be the most out of touch speech in our lifetime. Where does he get such speeches – he could have just done two thinks that would have been brilliant, which are go live, and say, ‘Because ZimbabweanLivesMatter, I resign!”

TENDAI BITI (@BitiTendai) MDC- Alliance vice president “A knee jerk early morning address in its own right is unprecedented. To then go into a senseless diatribe blaming “dark forces “ for the fragile state of Zim is infantile& psychotic.The man has failed& failed in absolute terms .He has become biggest threat to national stability”

Makomborero Haruzivishe (@MakomboreroH)-Human rights defender “Three takeaways from Zimbabwe ‘president’ @edmnangagwa’s address:1. He said nothing in a lot of words.2. Let’s not worry him labeling us ‘terrorists’, it exposed his fears of #PeoplePower.3. Let’s escalate the #PeoplePower action on #ZanuMustGo. #ZimbabweanslivesMatter”

Baba KaThemb’sile (@Ndingu_Profound) “Reasons why most heads of state choose late afternoon or evening 2 make a national address is so that you go over your speech with your staff, get advice from relevant stakeholders, calm your nerves get out citizen mindset n into that of a states man then address the masses””

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