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Is Bitcoin Currency value going to increase every year?

The regulator of the commodity market in the United States, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), officially declared that bitcoin falls into the commodity category. It is therefore a first step towards regulating virtual currencies.

Today, the big banks are also looking to make the most of the financial potential of Blockchain, Bitcoin technology, in order to save on financial transactions but also to set standards across the financial industry. .


Bitcoin is the work of a genius who calls himself Satoshi Nakamoto. That’s all we know. It could even be several people, nobody knows. If you want to make money in bitcoin, you must aware about all terms related to bitcoin


The public key is made up of 34 alpha-numeric characters starting with “1” or “3”, in the style 15VjRaDX9zpbA8LVnbrCAFzrVzN7ixHNsC. The private key acts as an electronic wallet. This one is anonymous.

The private key is made up of 51 alpha-numeric characters starting with the number 5. It is required to transfer bitcoins to another user of the network.


As of this writing, there are about 16 million bitcoins in circulation in 2016 (compared to 10 million bitcoins in 2013), for a cash supply of around $ 6 billion in 2016 (compared to $ 1 billion in 2013).

Victim of its success, the Bitcoin network, in its current configuration, will soon saturate, which may cause both traffic jams and a degradation of the service. Faced with this danger, a solution seems to be imperative: introduce technical innovations to allow the network to absorb more traffic.


Bitcoins are “excavated” according to a predefined algorithm. They are in a batch of 25 units, and come to reward the efforts of calculation aiming to find the solution to what is very similar to a random mathematical problem. You can use the btc loophole login for all kind of prices and trading of the bitcoin currency.

The algorithm was designed in this way so that bitcoin behaves exactly like a rare commodity whose exploitation offers decreasing marginal returns. A bit like gold or oil, for example (easy and cheap to find at first, then increasingly difficult and expensive).

Mining bitcoins therefore requires more and more time and resources (computing power, hardware, developers). Result: although virtual, the bitcoin supply is constrained. The algorithm thus gives bitcoin immunity against inflation.


In this, bitcoin is the complete opposite of the Linden dollar, the currency of the online virtual world Second Life (remember?). The latter is produced by a central authority, a de facto monopoly, at its discretion, without any limit.

The scarcity of bitcoin is one of the elements giving it value. Another element is its usefulness as a means of payment.


Few merchants accept to be paid in bitcoin. Most of the businesses that accept it are on the internet. Some e-commerce sites have even built their business model on bitcoin. The WordPress blog platform also accepts bitcoins. You can also use your bitcoins to buy pairs of alpaca socks.

However, experienced traders are able to identify certain patterns, methods and rules that allow them to profit in the long term.

The current value of Bitcoin is certainly an interesting level to watch for those who wish to enter the market. With the current valuation of Bitcoin, some well-placed trades can lead to significant gains. However, the level of volatility remains high as does the risk of loss.

Operating in a fully distributed manner, the management of the currency is distributed over all the nodes of the network, so that the proper functioning of the system does not depend on the integrity or the competence of a central issuer, but only on the robustness of the cryptographic processes used.

Each bitcoin is divisible up to the 8th decimal that is to say in sub-units of 0.00000001 bitcoin.  Value of bitcoin gets increased with the digit increase in this currency.  As there are huge number of bitcoin the world so one can easily make money with help of this currency.

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