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A Guide to Success for Introducing Brokers

An Introducing Broker (IB) in the trading industry is an intermediary firm or an individual entrepreneur that connects a client (an investor) and a brokerage company and earns a commission. Introducing Brokers are an essential part of the trade market game.
An IB plays the role of a middleman important for both parties. For a client, the IB is an advisor, enthusiastic educator, and a provider of strategies. The IB also helps a trading company to carry its burden. The introducing broker not only finds referrals but also supports them, leaving to the company processes transactions.

IQ Option IB has implemented the Introducing Brokers partnership program that can be a great tool for IBs that allows you to engage potential customers. Today, you have a unique chance to make use of it.

An Introducing Broker Role Explained

An Introducing Broker attracts and connects potential customers to a trading company by means of promoting services related to the trade market, just to name a few of them:

  • Supervising customers’ portfolios
  • Educational programs on the trading industry, including
    • Online and real life schools and courses
    • Webinar and seminars on trading
  • Financial consulting, signals and insights from experts
  • Local exchangers and broker offices
  • Managing funds and developing strategies
  • Industry events and supporting traders

Using a referral link provided by the ID, a new client registers, creates an account in the trading system, and becomes a part of the referral network of the introducing broker. As soon as the client has makes a deposit and starts trading, the IB gains a commission from the trader’s transactions.

Introducing brokers are interested in higher performance of the affiliated referrals and in keeping their account alive, as their earnings depend on trader’s activities.

Everyone Can Be an Introducing Broker

Both individuals and companies can be introducing brokers. There are no special  requirements you have to meet to become an Introducing Broker: you need neither special education nor certificates and licenses.

With this tool of IQ Option IB Program you can do it even faster. It is a matter of seconds to register with the program and create an account. Here you go: you are an introducing broker already.

Choosing a Trustable Broker for Cooperation
It is extremely important to make the right decision when choosing a broker. Hereafter, you will see why the Introducing Broker of IQ Option will do fine for you.

Conditions That Do Not Hurt
We guess you are going to earn money and looking for a higher commission.  Well, the trading market is a highly competitive area, and some traders offer heavenly high rates of about 70–80%. It is a temptation, but you better take your time to think it over.

Take it with a pinch of salt. Real trading companies have a heavy burden of expenses. They have to pay rent, salaries, advertising costs, and legal services, to support their trading platforms, and to have some profit as well. It is non-realistic to give the lion’s share to partner and survive on the rest of 20%.

80% are too good to be true. Read the offer carefully: maybe, these conditions are limited in time and, then, there will be a gradual reduction of your share. Another possibility is that you will get your commission not from the amount of transactions but after all the expenses. And the worst scenario is that it is a fraud company and it will disappear with your money soon.

We suggest:

  • Reduce your expectations and do not pursue unbelievably high commissions
  • Give it a try right now. Do not spare a penny, but let your money work. Use your link to register as a trader, place a trade or more, and see how much you will earn.
  • Get up to 45% from transactions of your referrals with the partnership model of IQ Option.


How It Will Work for You

After you have registered with the program, you get 40%. For successful introducers, the IQ Option offers extra bonuses: If an IB can attract 20 new active traders in 30 days, the IB gets extra 5% for the next 30 days. If the IB attracts another 20 clients before the end of the bonus period, the rate remains higher. Otherwise, the IB returns to the initial 40%.

Guarantee of Your Profit

When a broker offers a share in the profit it sounds good, but, indeed, you highly probably lose more than you earn. Being a partner means that you automatically share the risks and expenses as well. Let’s imagine you have created an extended client network and gain pretty much. Then, your link brings a successful trader. Do you feel what it means? It means if you are a partner, you will pay earnings of your successful trader from your account, and, after all, what you earn will be next to nothing.

With the Program for Introducing Brokers, you are guaranteed your profit. Your commission will be paid separately for every trader, and the successful trader earnings will not ruin your profit.

Trading platform

A platform is crucial when it comes to trading. If it is too complex, you will spend your time learning the platform but not the trade market. More than 15-years-old MetaTrader is a popular choice among professional traders, but your clients will be beginners, so, they will struggle with the tool for professionals. Give them a user-friendly platform and you increase the chances of them not going after a single try. For more information on trading strategies, see bestintroducingbrokers.com.

The trading platform of IQ Option is up-to-date and user-friendly. A simple and attractive interface appeals to users and invites to further actions. It has video tutorials, materials for self-education, planning tools, a calendar, graphical tools, and so on. Users also can read a blog or chat within the community. Currently, 52 million of traders in 187 countries use the IQ Option platform.

You can try your hand at trading on the platform right now. Get your own experience and you will see how smart and easy-to-use this trading tool. You will like being an Introducing Broker and will advise IQ Option to your referrals wholeheartedly.

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