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The coronavirus pandemic has given us opportunity to adapt

Kenias Mafukidze, AMH CEO

Today we are left with 17 days of the countdown. As we sit in our homes, it is interesting to note that it has taken Covid-19 for humankind to reflect on the important things in life and find each other. In a quest
for temporary pleasures, we have warmed the globe, polluted the air, stealing from future generations.

As I observe the first few days of the countdown, I sense a certain level of calmness in the environment as we have all come to realise that above all else the gift of life is supreme — way up there compared to our class struggles. Not sure about you, but in this quietness, I am learning more about myself and have had time to approach life

As Alpha Media Holdings (AMH), we have taken time to reflect on our business. During this lockdown, we will be taking time to learn about our business partners and friends and also deliberately sharing more with them. We have also taken advantage of technology to achieve this.

Technology, however, allows us to share news and experiences without having to cut down trees for paper and burn fossil fuel to deliver papers to each other. What is amazing is that on the electronic plat-form, we are sharing news with the general public like we have never done before from all corners of, not only Zimbabwe, but the whole world. Our advertisers are loving the increased exposure this paper is giving their brands.

We, as AMH, will use electronic platforms to disseminate information and interact with our valued clients in unprecedented numbers. Remotely!As times are changing, so are media products and services together with the production and distribution, ownership and financing of media. In the same vein, the roles of media users and our ideas of media are changing. In this setting, media companies are undergoing pressure to adapt to changing consumer expectations and behaviours propelled by evolving technological trends.

There is thus need for a paradigm shift from the traditional way of doing business to embrace the dynamism in the business environment. This calls for, among others, flexibility, adaptability, collaboration, new strategic alliances which reflect the need to be nimble and responsive to changing consumer needs.

As consumers demand more, personalised and engaging experiences, it be-comes increasingly important for media
companies to explore alliances that support new combinations of advertising, and transactions.

We will, therefore, take this opportunity to engage, inform and learn with our
clients without risking too much human contact. Technology allows us that capability. We, therefore, call upon our clients to come with us on a revolutionary journey that will transform all of us even as we face
this catastrophic scare.

Enjoy the safety of your home and reflect on your blessings. Let us spread love and stop the spread of Covid-19.

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