Mzoe 7 charms Swaziland

By Admire Kudita

Mzoe 7(pictured)’s energy is primal and his performances are visceral. He evokes memories of Fela Kuti and, indeed, if it was not for the circumstances of his place of origin, he might well be a global star. Still, the young singer , dancer, actor and choreographer is one to watch and may well be a Zimbabwean musical export with proper handling. Born Mzobansi Mlauzi on March 6, 1991, the 29 year old gave folks at the Sibebe Resorts in Mbabane, Swaziland a glimpse of an artist of world promise on February 29.

Mzoe 7, is known for his cheekily titled Afro pop ditties which seem to be a reflection of how his Kuti inspired musical sensibility. His dancing is part of his appeal as a performer who will definitely excite a crowd. Decked in shades and spotting an Afro flat top hairstyle, Mzoe 7 is a full time Afro-pop star.

“It’s probably one of the many credits I should give to Larry and his company (Larry Mhlanga is a Swaziland based impresario). They loved my set when I performed at Lumankelenkele festival and they have now booked me for this February gig and it came at a good time where I was penning my African tour plans so l ended up making Swaziland my first destination as I’m starting my first African tour in order to spread my wings,” Mzoe 7 said before his departure for Swaziland where he showed out and wowed crowds.

The show had artists from South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland and Zimbabwe. The event was a family fun day event. “It was a humid evening when the driver came to pick me up for my slot , and I couldn’t believe the traffic and crowds entering the venue, though it was a bit cold on the night, people had came [sic] all the way from Lesotho, Swazi and Zimbabwe for the event,” Mzoe 7 said of his Swaziland excursion.

“Everyone was so welcoming and more people backstage wanted to know more about Zimbabwean art and languages. I had a good linkup with Mdura, a renowned Swaziland comedian, Nkosi a Zim based artist, Samthing Soweto and team and other artists from Swazi, SA and Lesotho.

“The moment I was called on stage I was a bit skeptical thinking that maybe the people won’t respond well to my new sound, but I realised music is universal after my intro song Burkina Faso, from there I mesmerised them with Ulimenemene that was a sing-along I had to do twice, flexed with dance moves moving to Samewhatsapp group, Kwasakwasa going up the crowds danced in drizzle. It was the best show of my life, great reception, great treatment and response.”

The show promoter, Larry Mhalnga, said: “Mzoe7 is a superstar. He performed around 1am before our main act Samthing Soweto. He brought the energy. After a long drive when he arrived in Swaziland around 12 midnight he went backstage before checking in the hotel room. He had to perform and without seeing the vibe and type of audience he brought life in stage.

“He is getting there. l think he needs more stage and exposure otherwise the future looks bright. Resources are needed. The Davidos of this world beat us because of resources. They bring their own DJ, road manager, Mic’s effects, performance sequences, digital equipment and support system.
“Local artists travel alone because of budgets constraints.”