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Youngest NBA Players of All Time

Whoever said that you are too young to achieve your dreams lied. There is no perfect time to start or to finish because it is all in your ability to achieve.

During the early years of NBA players had to finish college before being eligible to play. Well for the people on this list, they were never too young to start playing professional ball. Here is the list of the youngest NBA players.

Andrew Bynum

Many players go through college before they start playing basketball and blackjack online casinos game. But not for Bynum. He is the youngest athlete to play in NBA straight from high school.

The first game he played was for the Los Angeles Lakers and he was just 18 years and 6 days old. He was the 10th player drafted in 2005 NBA draft.

Kobe Bryant

Like they say don’t judge a book by its cover, well no one knew that Bryant would become so successful in basketball since he had started very young. He was 18 years 72 days.

He happens to be the most accomplished high school draft pick in the history of NBA.  He worked with the Los Angeles Lakers and was drafted by the Charlotte Hornets.

He was then traded to the Lakers in exchange for another player. He went on to win the Slam Dunk championship in 1997 shocking a lot of fans who didn’t expect much from this young player during the time.

He made an all-star team during his 2nd season and he was coming from the Lakers bench. He has succeeded in the history and is one of the famous players as he took over in the years after Michael Jordan.

Stan Brown

Brown is the real definition of don’t give up before you try. This undrafted player was recruited straight out of high school as he was only 18 years 139 days old. He had signed with the Philadelphia Sphas when he was still a junior.

He then played as a senior. His career did not last long as he was cut off after playing 19 games because he was not good enough for the pros.

He played till he was 22 and when he finally realized he was not good enough he moved on with his life. This is a great idea especially when playing soccer betting sites. If you are not good at one game go for another one and make real money out of it

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