Sense of crisis in Zim worsens

Zimbabwe Independent

President Emmerson Mnangagwa wants “time, patience, unity of purpose and perseverance”, to get Zimbabwe’s stuttering economy working again. The economy was “dead” under his predecessor and mentor, the late Robert Mugabe, he says. But the scale of economic crisis under his stewardship means he will be accorded no such favour. The situation has become more acute and is worsening by the day.

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One thought on “Sense of crisis in Zim worsens”

  1. spiralx says:

    1984, Bulawayo, was already demonstrating what the Mugarbage regime were really like. We know it as “Gukuruhundi”. By 1990, Zimbabwe was known throughout Africa as one of the most corrupt countries on the continent. Mnangagwa had to organise a military coup to become President. And hasn’t done a lot to change that perception since. There is a fundamental lack of credibility and trust with ZANU, built up over 40 years, which can’t be solved by continuing to rig elections. Or stage coups.

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