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The Betting and Gaming Trends Will Dominate Globally in the 2020s

While trends might vary slightly from country to country, the betting and gaming industry is, by and large, a relatively homogeneous one. The casino games that are popular in Harare are also popular in Helsinki, Hanoi and Honolulu, although there are always a few outliers. Sports leagues like the NFL, NBA and Premier League have become so globalised that betting trends also follow similar patterns across the world.

The industry is changing rapidly, and it looks like there will be further changes coming over the next decade. As you might expect, a lot of those changes will be driven by technology, but economic and social factors will also play a role. Here is what you should expect to see in the 2020s:

Big Data Levels the Playing Field

Bookmakers use data; that’s how they set the odds. However, individuals are getting more and more access to the kind of information that can help them predict sports outcomes more astutely. We have already seen a big rise in companies offering betting picks based on the data, some of which are worth the fees whereas others are rubbish.

Americanisation of Sports Betting

We mentioned earlier that trends will move around the world, but online betting and gaming has been very European-centric during the early part of the 21st century. However, once the US Supreme Court ruled on the legality of sports betting, allowing each state to decide its own laws, the floodgates might open. Billions is being pumped into gambling in states like New Jersey and Pennsylvania. That’s going to have an impact elsewhere, so expect things like “Teasers”, a US betting system, to be more prominent.

Live Casino Becomes the Norm

The 2010s saw the successful roll out of real casino games offered on a live platform. Classic games, such as the roulette you can find at www.mansioncasino.com/roulette/, have been given a new lease of life. But there seems to be a resolve that these live dealer games can go even further in the future, offering brand new experiences to players, perhaps with the use of virtual reality.


An interesting challenge for betting and gaming sites, not least because the volatility of cryptocurrencies can play havoc with their pricing models. Yet, if cryptocurrency is to become mainstream, and that looks likely with the likes of Facebook getting involved, then cryptocurrency gambling will also likely be mainstream. There are numerous challenges with regulation and legality, however, so it could be several years before we see a resolution.

A Standardisation of Laws

Zimbabwe is not alone in having a lack of simplicity and clarity in its online gambling laws. Countries like Germany and Australia are also badly in need of an overhaul. Like Zimbabwe, you will have no problems placing a bet online in those countries, but the legal system needs catch up with the times, especially given the popularity of internet gambling. Many national parliaments have bills ready to pass, which should see a bit of harmonisation of the laws, and also make things better for startup businesses.

Competitive Video Gaming

We have already seen a huge surge in the popularity of eSports, basically competitive video gaming. eSports betting, too, has been on the rise, but we expect betting and gaming companies to really move in and monetise this area of popular culture. Expect to see competitive video gaming tournaments sit snugly beside the roulette and card games in the coming years.

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