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Destiny in cricket people’s hands

IT is easy for your lone voice to get lost in the myriad of controversy that has hit cricket in Zimbabwe in recent weeks.

By Enock Muchinjo

For everyone, suddenly, seems to have an opinion – even those that do not know which side of the bat is used to hit a cricket ball.

I was personally introduced to this wonderful sport mid-junior school years and perhaps to make up for skills lacked on the playing side of it, I took keen interest on how the game is run from an early age.

It has been right through from school days into adulthood, seeing the best and worst of Zimbabwean cricket, the good and the bad guys.

It’s sufficient reason, I suppose, to have an opinion that should matter about this game.

Yet, as the introduction to this piece says, it’s not every opinion that matters, including mine, and also depending on the situation.

That doesn’t concern me at all.

What did however concerned me this week – following Zimbabwe’s suspension by the International Cricket Council (ICC) over the so-called government interference into the sport – is the sudden and I dare say selfish interest by those that know nothing about the game or care to know how badly cricket has been run down in this country for the better part of 20 years.

Of course, those that have been in the trenches of Zimcricket and know too well how their sport have been taken to the cleaners do feel insulted by the uniformed views of latter-day pseudo-critics whose only interest in the raging cricket saga is mention of the word “government.”

The so-called government interference has jerked ready political activists into action, especially those that feel they hold monopoly over political opinion in this country.

Unfortunately for these types, cricket in Zimbabwe has come a very long way to be a pawn of opportunists who only care about getting one past their political foe.

Cricket has suffered for two decades in this country, much to the anguish of many that truly love the sport and care for its wellbeing.

Somebody really needed to take decisive action, and it’s really upsetting that when somebody finally gathered the guts to do so, they get sneered upon by, of all people, those supposed to protect the integrity of the sport worldwide.

Forget those with ulterior motives, those that think they dislike this or that political party more than the next guy.

The real cricket people, those that have endured the worst excesses of this game under a disastrous administration, have an opinion about the current goings-on and to me it is their opinion that matters.

Let’s let cricket people and those they have confidence in pull us out of this mess.

Not those of hawks.

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