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Five minutes with Novuyo

In an interview with Admire Kudita (AK), Novuyo Seagirl (NS, ) talks about the Roil Bulawayo Arts Awards show which was held at the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair’s Hall 4 last Saturday night at a star-studded event, which was attended by locals and some out-of-town celebrities such as ZiFM’s MisRed. Novuyo won two awards for Song of the Year and Outstanding Female Artiste. Below are excerpts of the interview

AK: Please describe, in your own words, the feeling before the awards and after winning.

NS: Before I really was not feeling it (the awards show and performance).I was very negative about everything!
Usually, I want to really feel the nerves hitting right through my joints even before I go onstage for a performance, but that day I felt none of that. I usually want to feel my heart beating fast, but nothing was happening and I became worried.

It is always a sign for me that something is gone wrong somewhere. When the outstanding house song was called up and I did not win it and I suddenly became low spirited.

I did not see the other awards coming, two for that matter.

I was so amazed to be honest; I could not believe it!

I was against really amazing people (in the same category such as Zinjaziyamluma, Lorrain Stot, Calvin and Gazelimnyama). They were exceptionally good and shout out to them.

AK: Do you have management ?

NS: I do now.

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