Sorry but the mud won’t stick

I WAS prepared for the abuse and hostility that was sure to come my way when I dared last week to share a story of the mischief of a certain internet troll — whose identity and links have become ever clearer each time he exhibits familiar unsavoury traits.

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I will of course not dignify his salvo of insults with a detailed response. The silence and lack of enthusiasm by all and sundry — even among those he had desperately canvassed support from in a vicious attack on my reputation — was enough to make this fellow back off with tail between his legs.

Perhaps he ought to have opened some more ghost accounts like the one he operates. That surely would have been the only way to garner any support for his nonsensical and laughable Twitter tirade against me — definitely not from real people who unlike this toxic cyber-bully, know me well and know what I stand for in sport and in life.

The modus operandi of this person and those he represents is now also all too clear: consistently play the victim and be counter-offensive against critics by way of creating imaginary machinations — time after time — no matter how lame it sounds.

On top of that, evoke the work of an invisible white hand against “black administrators”, to use the words of our unkind ghost friend, even if the said black administrators are just a few bad apples who represent nobody really, the very people that have presided over the massive plunder and obliteration of Zimbabwean cricket.

To try and hide behind the shield of a broader group, “black administrators”, when in fact it’s just a clique of bad guys, is of course akin to hiding behind a finger.

It’s an insult to everyone’s intelligence.

It’s an insult to the genuine cricket lovers of Zimbabwe — a vast majority of whom are black nowadays — who have had to watch helplessly as their favourite sport has been cleaned out by the same people who now want to find comfort in their midst when being made accountable for their ruinous governance of cricket in this country.

It’s an insult to a lot of good black guys out there who given the opportunity, can run this sport far better and with admirable dignity, skill and efficiency.

It’s certainly an insult to a guy like Crispen Tsvarai, a very good cricketer of the 80s and early 90s, among the visionaries behind the revered institution called Takashinga Cricket Club today, a God-fearing community man, a true role model of the townships and a respected business executive who rose to become CEO of ZimTrade.

It’s also an insult to Qhubekani Nkala, a brilliant schoolboy cricketer later to become a competent and skilled operations manager of ZC in the good old days, an accomplished chartered accountant and senior manager with Standard Bank in South Africa these days, a top-notch professional who chose to walk away in order save his reputation when the rot started to settle at Zimcricket.

I can on and on, filling this whole page with more names of such guys as Tsvarai and Nkala, who ought to be the ones entrusted with running the affairs of cricket in Zimbabwe.

These are the kind of honest and capable men that the people at ZC right now – when they talk of black administrators – are trying to put themselves in the same bracket with in a desperate effort to solicit group sympathy and dodge scrutiny.
Never should we be fooled.

For the guys at ZC, when reason fails and they cannot win arguments, a means of diverting attention is to try and whip up the emotions of those amongst us who do not know the history of how things went horribly wrong in Zimbabwean cricket, those that are likely to be excited by the slightest wave of the race card.

Fortunately, very few such people exist in Zimbabwean cricket circles nowadays.

My tormentor, after spaying foul-mouthed rants on Twitter left, right and centre — hoping to get somebody on his side — recoiled when he was challenged to a civil debate, like all mudslingers do when confronted with facts.

Having myself chosen not give the guy the satisfaction of response, someone who knows the history intimately — a black former club player and ex-administrator in ZC who has all the inside knowledge of what happened there — decided he had heard enough and laid the facts bare for all to see and judge for themselves.

Now because this ghost character has no substance — only good at hurling abuse — he quietly disappeared from the scene before more uncomfortable truths could further shred the deceit he was trying to peddle to those he hoped would fall for it hook, line and sinker.