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#Balanceforbetter – Brothers and Sisters at Mukuvisi Woodlands


Distinctive events will be hosting a women’s month commemoration event with a twist that seeks to involve men in the conversation around gender imbalance in the work place, interventions that restore balance and encourage positive masculinity on Saturday the 30th of March at Mukuvisi Woodlands.

The speakers for this event are Industrial Psychologist Memory Nguwi of Industrial Psychology consultants who will speak on Affirmative action measures such as quota systems in the workplace and sexual harassment. Award winning girl child rights and Founder of NGO Shamwari yemwanasikana  Ekenia Chifamba  will speak on positive parenting and challenges faced by women and girls. Legal practitioner Chris Mhike of Atherstone and cook will provide legal insights on consent relationships with minors, date rape and marital rape.

Women’s day is commemorated globally on March 8. The month of March is thus recognized as Women’s month. The theme for 2019 women’s day is #Balanceforbetter. Most interventions focus on women and creating a utopia for both sexes however these interventions are often misunderstood by men. The sad reality is that some men view initiatives that empower women as disempowering men.

The reality on the grounds paints a bleak picture for women in Zimbabwe as there are very few women in leadership roles. Of the 64 companies listed on the Zimbabwe stock exchange, only three have female CEO’s.This event explores the initiatives and challenges that companies often face in  addressing  gender imbalance in the workplace through interventions such as women’s quotas. Sexual harassment in the workplace will also be addressed. Redressing gender inequalities in the workplace is not going to be a walk in the park and requires a shift in corporate culture.

The event will also address issues to do with sexual consent and will tackle issues such as relationships with underage girls, marital rape and date rape. Lines are becoming increasingly blurred however, this event will offer insights on the legal position. Globally men like Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinstein and R Kelly have found themselves facing allegations of engaging in non-consensual relations with women. This has caused irreprerabale damage to their reputations and has cost them millions in revenue.

The complex challenges women and girls face in the pursuit of justice will also be addressed. For example when women are in domestic violence situations it is often members of their families that are reluctant to hold the mukwasha accountable and phrases such as “shinga muroora”,”ndoozvinoita dzimba”are often used to keep women in undesirable domestic situations. Compounding the problem is that in cases of sexual assault families often choose to sweep it under the carpet so as to protect the perpetrator who in most cases will be the breadwinner. Such cultural practices often mean women and girls suffer in silence.

Be part of this inclusive women’s month event as we focus on building better  balance which can only be achieved if we come together to pull in the same direction. Let’s celebrate women’s month as one.


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