State-owned funerals not for renegades


In this Thursday, March 8, 2018 photo, the leader of MDC-T, Zimbabwe's biggest opposition party, Nelson Chamisa gestures during an interview with the Associated Press in Harare. Ahead of Zimbabwe's crucial elections this year, the biggest opposition party has selected a charismatic lawyer and pastor to challenge the military-backed president in the first vote without former leader Robert Mugabe in decades. (AP Photo/Tsvangirayi Mukwazhi)

Like all other patriotic Zimbabweans, Muckraker is absolutely disgusted by MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa’s attempt to attend a funeral.

At the National Sports Stadium, he had the nerve to try and attend Oliver Mtukudzi’s funeral. He tried again a day later to attend the burial. Surely, one should understand by now that all funerals are state-owned. How are comrades expected to preach to captive audiences uninterrupted when some people want to turn up and draw attention away from our speeches? Speaking of Chamisa, we were delighted to see he is learning well the art of government. One such art is denying everything. This week, presented with the case of one of his MPs recorded inciting looting, Chamisa showed how quickly he has learned from his opponents.

“I cannot comment on something I haven’t seen . . . besides, there is a witch-hunt against our MPs,” he said.

Clearly, by refusing to take responsibility, the man is now ready for higher office.