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The Most Popular Gaming Sectors in 2018

There is no doubt that the global gaming industry is in great health at the moment and looks set to continue in the same vein. With a global revenue in the billions and many experts predicting continued growth as we move forward, the gaming sector as a whole looks set to reach new heights. When you think that eSports, which is just one sector within gaming, is expected to hit an annual revenue of £1bn by 2020, it seems clear that gaming’s popularity will not wane any time soon.

Why do people love gaming so much?

 The figures around the whole gaming sector show just how big a business it is and how much players love it. The sheer amount of time and money spent on gaming by individuals illustrates what a key part of their life it has become. The reasons for this are pretty simple – gaming is fun, it gives you something to do in your spare time and keeps boredom at bay. When you add in the social element that has come into the sector in recent years and how new technology has been incorporated, it seems obvious why so many people like to chill out with a video or online game now.

A real winning strategy that has seen gaming rise to the level that it currently sits at is the way that it has broadened its appeal to many more people. These days, you do not even need to be into video games or be a veteran casino visitor to enjoy getting involved.

Which sectors in gaming are hot in 2018?

 If you look back to gaming’s origins, then it is clear just how far it has come. Most of the hot sectors and trends that dominate now were not even around back then! Even if they were, the latest generation of hardware and games has made them much more immersive and realistic.

Here are the sectors that are setting 2018 alight in the gaming world:

  • Online casino games – if there is one massive sector that has entered the fore in recent years and is top dog in 2018, it’s online casino play. This involves logging onto an online casino website to enjoy your favourite games and also maybe win some money while you’re at it. The online gambling sector is worth billions each year now across the world and is popular anywhere that it is legal to play this way. The South African online casino industry has grown immensely for example, even though it may not be as popular as its European counterparts.  All in all, online casino games are a big sector in 2018.
  • eSports – we have already noted how much this sector is expected to grow in just a few years to come. However, it is already making a pretty big noise right now! In 2017, it made over $700m in revenue, and this is set to be exceeded in 2018. This involves teams of players competing in real or online events to see who wins, all while being watched by hordes of fans.
  • Mobile gaming – being able to play games on the move wherever you are is still important in 2018. This will only continue to expand as the mobile devices that you play on become more sophisticated and allow the mobile games to do more. From next-generation mobile casinos to stunning mobile action games, this sector is another big player in gaming now.
  • Console gaming – don’t think that the latest innovations in gaming have meant that the good old console has died out. With the latest consoles such as the Nintendo Switch being released recently, it is more that they are being reimagined for 2018. Many people like to play via their console still, and this makes it a big player in the current landscape.


Gaming Set to Continue Growing


Although it is tempting to see gaming as one powerful beast, it is actually made up of a few different sectors, each with their separate markets and regulations. The above are the ones that are setting the bar in 2018 and reaching the most people in the most engaging way, while new technologies such as virtual reality, will no doubt make their mark heading into the future. The real mark of their success is how they have taken gaming from something that was quite niche, appealing to small numbers of people, and turned it into a respected, global business.

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