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Mugabes’ mansion roof collapse symbolic

On Sunday, Muckraker was impressed to see how a lonely former president Mugabe tricked people into visiting him. It was, however, sad to learn of the poverty and misery over there at Blue Roof. Apparently, the roof is caving in on the Mugabes, literally. It’s symbolic of the collapse of their long rule.

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What is Mnangagwa thinking? Where is the man’s pension? How is a man expected to survive on a mere US$467 000 payment? Do these people know how much a Savile Row suit costs? Do they know how much a coffee costs in the Dubai Mall? Do they know how much it costs to repair that sagging Oriental ceiling?

We hear the soldiers guarding him were withdrawn. We thank government for granting the man his request and freeing him from house arrest. They were stopping the man from receiving visitors, which is why he had to call in journalists for some Sunday company.

And, shame on those journalists for insinuating that life under Mugabe was not as bad as under the “new dispensation”, if not worse. When a journalist asked if he had any regrets about violence and decay under his rule, the man looked genuinely surprised. “You mean things went to ruin during my time?”

Well, it’s unclear whether that was a rhetorical question, or a genuine enquiry from the creator of 361 million percent inflation and the murderer of thousands. But one tends to lose one’s memory when you are more concerned about these ingrates refusing to give you your hefty pension.

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