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Sherwood golf club revives Malbereign entertainment

JABAVU Joins the increasing number of Afro-jazz bands performing at the 19th hole at Sherwood Golf Club in Malbereign, as the sleepy entertainment scene in the low density suburb has been awakened.

By Albert Masaka

The group will be performing this Sunday at the renovated bar that also offers Karaoke Night with the DJ Squared Karaoke crew on Fridays and a jazzy feel of live artistes serenading the mature crowd comprising mainly of elites from different races who mingle freely on Sundays.

Recently patrons at the 19th hole enjoyed themselves to music from Mbare-based six-piece ensemble Soul Train, a versatile and exciting musical that is fast gaining popularity for serenading fans with their classic jazz beats in a number of uptown joints in the capital.

Soul Train band manager Nato Francisco told the Independent in an interview that they were impressed with the mature crowd’s response to their music and the atmosphere at the bar following renovations carried out recently.

‘This is our second time week here and I hope we are allowed to play here more often. I like the mature crowd who are appreciating the Old Skool, classic blues and jazz music we offer I hope we will come here more often the set up here is also fantastic after renovations by the new management.

Dj Squared Karaoke member Debbie Joy said the name was coined from the initials of her husband, David John, and hers.

“The new owner of Sherwood Golf Club wanted us to come and play every second Friday evening. We are loving the clientele – a super mix of race and ages – loads of fun and also some very talented singers who come and sing,” she said

The new owner, Hopewell Chifamba said they had invested a substantial amount in the project to make the venue more appealing to patrons and would do more upon request from the patrons.

“We have made some renovations and have poured in a substantial amount of money in our latest entertainment venue. The patrons will decide how we can make more improvements in many areas including the entertainment aspect,” he said.

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