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Double-salaried Hasnain quits ZC

FAISAL Hasnain’s eventful spell as Zimbabwe Cricket (ZC) managing director has ended after the Pakistani national resigned this week, 13 months at the helm of the strife-ridden organisation.

By Enock Muchinjo

The former International Cricket Council (ICC) finance chief — who has been discharging his duties from outside the country since November after fleeing alleged death threats as reported by the Zimbabwe Independent last month — said he was stepping down in response to Zimbabwe’s failure to qualify for next year’s World Cup.

“This is to advise that effective last Friday, I have stepped down as MD of ZC, on which date I sent my official letter of resignation to the ZC chairman,” wrote Hasnain in a leaked staff memo.

“For the record, the main reason for my resignation is the non-qualification by ZC for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019. One of the main objectives that I had set myself was for ZC to qualify for the CWC 2019, and you will recall that last year during a management meeting I had advised you all that I would step down if ZC did not qualify.”

He leaves ZC just over a year into the job, having replaced the retiring Wilfred Mukondiwa as MD of ZC in April 2017.

Hasnain has not been in Zimbabwe since November 15 when he left the country after he allegedly received dead threats from named board members of ZC.

Meanwhile, this paper yesterday established that Hasnain was on a double-salary contract in which ZC was supposed to pay him twice — locally and overseas.

Hasnain earned a US$15 000 monthly overseas salary, paid by ZC into his offshore account, on top of a US$9 700 monthly wage in Zimbabwe.

A document in our possession, written by Hasnain to reconcile payments made and owed to him between April and December 2017 — which he split into two columns labelled “local” and “overseas” — shows that the MD was never paid his local salary by ZC at least until the end of last year. This leaves ZC owing the Pakistani
US$55 473 after the outstanding salary has been added to other expenses.

However, Hasnain acknowledges in the document that he was paid a total US$112 798 in overseas salary between April and October 2017, with US$2 702 outstanding.

A lump sum payment of US$42 815 was made in June 2017 as part of the overseas salary and then four payments of US$15 000 in addition to a US$9 984 transaction.

The document also shows Hasnain demanding, under the local payments column, US$9 838 in unpaid dues for “annual flights tickets for family to London — contractual entitlement.”

Between the period under review, from April to December 2017, the only local payment made by ZC was US$4 492 for the Hasnain’s family vacation in Victoria Falls.

It is not clear if ZC had continued paying the foreign-based MD from December up to the time he resigned this week.

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