Chamisa’s electoral message packaging pathetic


Faith Zaba

EVENTS that followed the death of former MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai, who succumbed to colon cancer on February 14, showed that his successor Nelson Chamisa certainly embodies the public appeal and traction that is quintessential to reinvigorating the opposition movement.

Candid Comment Faith Zaba

Since controversially taking over the reins of the party last month, he has managed to re-energise the MDC-T. The young leader is generating a lot of hype among potential voters in the forthcoming presidential election, which was beginning to appear like a one-man race for Zanu PF leader Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Chamisa’s appeal has been bolstered by his charisma and age. At 40, he faces Mnangagwa (75) in the electoral ring, possibly in July.

Given that the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission statistics show that 60% of 5,3 million registered voters are aged between 18 and 40, Chamisa has leverage over his major nemesis, Mnangagwa. However, his appeal has not been matched by his election campaign messaging.

So far the campaign packaging is pathetic. Despite the so-called charisma, he leaves a lot to be desired when addressing rallies. Recently, he was left with egg on his face after the United States embassy in Harare dismissed his claims that US President Donald Trump had promised to provide US$15 billion to MDC-T, in case it wins the elections.

Other fanciful promises made by Chamisa include solving the acute cash crunch within two weeks. Chamisa told party supporters at an MDC Alliance rally in Chinhoyi at the weekend that his party would also build a new rail system with bullet trains between Harare and Bulawayo.

Chamisa should know there is a huge gulf between student and national politics.

The electorate expects concrete and realistic propositions from him, especially geared towards improving livelihoods.

Critical issues include the provision of decent jobs, affordable healthcare, as well as education and not fairytales.

Chamisa also spoke about building a gas pipeline from Lupane to Mozambique, when that country has one of the biggest natural gas reserves, which it is already tapping.

Why would he focus on bullet trains, whose provision requires billions of dollars in an economy with a US$4 billion budget? You cannot even imagine bullet and undergrounds trains in this economic environment where roads are littered with potholes. He needs mentoring to exhibit maturity in his approach.

Zimbabweans are no longer fascinated by ancient politicking, characterised by rhetoric. The electorate definitely yearns for politicians who address matters concerning how government intends to rejuvenate the state of the economy and infrastructural development. Chamisa should be articulating key policy issues and become electable.

If he continues on this path, he risks squandering the goodwill which he had been shown. The campaign is going to be long and competitive. He cannot afford to stumble at this early stage.

He must be articulate and consistent if he is to win the will of the masses.

8 thoughts on “Chamisa’s electoral message packaging pathetic”

  1. Blessing says:

    A fair comment indeed. Chamisa please think before you open your mouth otherwise you are now dealing the Alliance some disservice. Consult with others in your party and Alliance as to what best to say at rallies in order to show your seriousness. Right now from what you uttered in Chinhoyi I was left with more questions than answers. Like what you are saying is really no difference from Zanu promising 2million jobs in 5yrs. Your priotities seem misplaced not to mention unrealistic. Don’t take people for granted please. It’s too early to let people doubt your capability, only if you do not repeat such boring and uninspiring speech like the one in Chinhoyi. Maybe you need to consider giving more time to Biti to lay out a more realistic economic vision. Remember you are talking as the aspiring presidential candidate not like some councellor. You have 4 months still to show Zim your level of maturity.

  2. THOLANA says:

    I agree with you Faith. Chamisa risks destroying the destroying the goodwill he currently has by making unrealistic promises. what people need are political reforms, strengthening the institutions of democracy such as judiciary, parliament, audit office, cabinet etc as well as stabilising the economy.

  3. P.B says:

    Thats what you get when you go for popularity and not policy, Ever since Chamisa uttered the 15bn dollar nonsense he lost my vote, he is like many of the early day Mdc MPs who upon being voted were discovered to be drunkards and unworthy of being MP who simply rode on the popularity of the Mugabe must and go at all costs mentality. Bitis decision to leave Mdc has left us with Chamisa.

  4. kayex says:

    Chamisa ano chengeta… chodiwa is new blood not keep on recycling these old madhalaz who have failed for 4 decades.

  5. farayi muyangi says:

    Is there anything wrong with dreaming big and having a vision???…..look at all developed countries Dubai in the 90s was a desert look at it now…… Closer home Rwanda, a small landlocked country in east-central Africa, is now the cleanest city in Africa and is eradicating poverty undergoing a process of “dramatic transformation” since the 1994 genocide all because of partly of dreaming big despite the challenges ,impossibility …..

    As you were growing up probably you wanted to be an engineer but along the way it did not happen bt at least you are someone doing something for a living. it better to have a big vision or dream than to regret later

    1. citizen says:

      Along with a vision you must have a workable plan.

  6. Kufamazuva says:

    He is immature and already drunk with power hence the reckless promises. He already thinks his followers are stupid. Time will tell if he is right or wrong.

  7. Blessing Madzima says:

    Initiative develops a visual representative picture in one’s mind and then followed by belief and motivation to sell the idea. Thus how all the gadgets we have and now use in our everyday life came to be developed. Anything is possible if there is belief and convergence in trying to support an idea. Engineers in first world countries work in teams and always improve someone’s idea rather than discouraging that idea no matter it appears stupid or impossible. A positive scrutiny of the idea is initiated with an objective of improving that idea. Africa will always stagnate in poverty and lack of innovation because of negativity and hatred which is compounded by jealousy. There is nothing wrong in being charismatic and charming if God has given you those skills. All I can urge all of you the critics and haters of Nelson Chamisa is for you to be civilised and try to initiate a debate with alternate ideas which can help our country to move away from the crisis it is in. Get you minds examined for you might not realise u suffer from inferiority complex or some kind of mental illness. Zimbabwe can only be served by citizens who respect each other and the real ideals of our freedom. Zimbabwe needs citizens who have solution to jobs, education and a future for our children. Zimbabwe needs citizens who talk about good governance and encourage our government and leaders to take responsibility. Zimbabwe needs citizens who take their government and leaders to task on accountability and transparency encouraging rule of law in our country to lure investors.

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