Open letter to His Excellency President Mnangagwa


AMH Publisher Trevor Ncube

Case for national hero status for the late opposition MDC-T leader

MANY patriotic and peace-loving Zimbabweans were shocked by the news of the passing of the leader of the official opposition, MDC-T, Morgan Tswangirai.

While the nation mourns the passing of this brave compatriot, this is a moment to reflect and take stock of the nature of our national politics and national discourse. Perhaps one of the best ways of remembering Tsvangirai is to say: never again will our political differences mean that we are mortal enemies as citizens. Instead, our political differences must be seen as a healthy and necessary difference of opinion on the direction and future of our beloved Zimbabwe.

Sadly, our nation is presently very polarised and this cannot be allowed to continue. A people that solves political differences through violence — that has so often resulted in the loss of life — is a sick people. And we are presently a sick people in desperate need of visionary leadership and healing. This work has to begin in earnest, and your ascent to our country’s highest office has paved the way.

Mr President, I appeal to you to help bring this nation together by granting Mr Tsvangirai a hero’s burial at the National Heroes Acre.

This single gesture, while not a magic wand towards nation building, healing and reconciliation, would certainly go a long way in signalling your commitment to a new era in our national politics.

It would also be a strong signal that the national hero status is not a preserve of one political party. It would be a strong signal that the national shrine is a place for all Zimbabweans befitting this status.

Zimbabwe needs leadership that will help us rise above our real and imagined political differences, particularly in painful moments such as this. Zimbabwe needs leadership that talks peace and unity and is seen to walk the talk of peace and unity.

Show us, Mr President that you are a leader of all Zimbabweans — and not just a leader of a political party. Statesmanship and nation building often involve making difficult choices — but the fruits of these are bequeathed to posterity.

Trevor Ncube,

Chairman, Alpha Media Holdings.


5 thoughts on “Open letter to His Excellency President Mnangagwa”

  1. Charles Frizell says:

    It is very important that Tsvangirai is properly honoured, for he is a man who has literally given his life for the country

  2. Shumba says:

    Indeed, he is a National Hero. Heroes Acre burial or not. Actually, he should not be buried at the Heroes Acre.

  3. gutter poet says:

    Apologies…sorry to burst your bubble but this guy was all hype like Mugabe…he was NOT a hero but he was a gifted speaker and seller of bottled smoke that is all. I give examples he was dishonest in the extreme in his dealings with Locardia Gambe who he told everyone with a straight face he was not interested in but you had one Theresa Makone appearing everywhere to tell the world that he had been asked by her principal to ask for a wedding… and his politics was no better either, after working with Thokozani Khupe since 1999..he had no scrupples about ditching her at the last moment when he appointed his two vice presidents in the dead of night SLAPPING his deputy with this barefaced treachery! No thanks!!! He was not a hero but a snake oil salesperson, nothing else!

  4. Shumba says:

    You are spot on gutter poet, however, many are seeing this from the courage he showed through standing up to Mugabe. And agreeably, it ends there. He showed his true colours many a times but the people were always blind because they were fed up with Mugabe. He killed off what he started by being exactly what he purported to be fighting. From changing the MDC Constitution, disregarding SADC`s good advice in 2013 and disregarding his own constitution by appointing Chamisa and Mudzuri. He derailed our agenda and has left us with a weak and confused opposition which would have made the most of this years election.

  5. Cde Mabhunu muchatiza says:

    You know what Trevor I could agree with you but people pre empt some arrangements. Some people were saying that he had said he wanted to be buried next to his wife. This would mean that the family could reject a government offer to bury him at the Heroes Acre. This would also offend others whose relatives are lying there

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