BREAKING: President Mugabe steps down


PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe has tendered his letter of resignation to Speaker of Parliament effectively ending his 37-year rule, Speaker of the House of Assembly has announced
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2 thoughts on “BREAKING: President Mugabe steps down”

  1. nava nova says:

    I am from Ethiopia, I appreciate the way the military is handling the situation and the people calmness, Zimbabweans should keep calm to give a chance for peaceful transition. Zimbabweans should really know forcing Mugabe to resign forcefully and disgracefully would cost them their future, they should know that there are foreign forces and medias that are eagerly waiting to report Gadhafi like ending of Mugabe. The Zimbabwean political elites should know that their comrade is respected by many in the world and Africa, Mugabe is not only for Zimbabwe he is also for Africa. He is African hero a true hero. If you think of economic development issues, take many countries in Africa which are praised as democracy they are not registering much progress in the economy. If Zimbabwean political elites really want to give their county a fertile ground for new chapter, the first thing they should do is making sure at any cost that their Comrade Mugabe leave power peacefully and gracefully. then Zimbabwe will give a sense of pride for Africa. Otherwise if they try to remove Mugabe with brute force , they will not profit anything but only able to add dark history over the pages of African true fighters.

  2. L. Celestino says:

    Dear Brothethe otherrs Sisters from Zimbabwe.
    I am from Angola My english is poor but I love you all nontheless. President Mugabe made a Mistake to fire the Vice president, an other hero from Zimbabwe. But any person like president Mugabe can make a mistake because we are humans. Fortunately peace is still reigns in Zimbabwe.. But think about this: President Mugabe is a Hero not only for Zimbabweans but also for the all black people. President Mugabe resisted the whiteman pression and did not give up a inch for the sake of all of us. Whoever will take the power im Zimbabwe, please do not disrespect our hero.. Treat him with dignity and respect despite all..The history will reward you for your maturity. White (english) man are rubbing their hands for joy. They wanted bloodshed . But you are great. Please never turn againts each otthers. President Mugabe defended Zimbabwe against neocolonialism and white man rule. Now it’s your turn to do the same. Never give up.
    viva Zimbabwe, viva africa
    A luta continua, patria o muerte venceremos

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