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Time to ignore Zimrugby noisemakers

I HAVE found myself unable to leave the political developments in Zimbabwean rugby for the past few weeks.

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Hopefully this is a parting shot on this subject.

But it would have been naïve for anyone to think the decision by the Sports and Recreation Commission (SRC) to sack Nyararai Sibanda’s Zimbabwe Rugby Union (ZRU) board was not going to stir a furore.

Such a move, when you come to think about it, was always going to kindle manoeuvres and heated debate in the Zimbabwean rugby community.

What is encouraging, though, is the consensus that the disbandment of Sibanda’s board was a great move by the SRC following the on-field tragedy of the past two seasons amongst other glaring incidents administrative incompetence.

But emotions in Zimbabwean rugby can so easily explode like a locomotive out of a tunnel.

As I write, it is very clear that a somewhat influential clique within the structures of the game (responsible for thrusting Sibanda into office in the first place) is at it again—majoring in personalities and drawing up a blacklist of those it feels should not be given the opportunity to serve the country in the post-Sibanda era.

The SRC must not listen to this nonsense again, and the nation must not allow a relatively small group of noisemakers to continue holding it to ransom.

How can the destiny of this great game continue to be put in the hands of the very people who lost the moral high ground at the last ZRU election by spitefully rejecting a lot of very good rugby brains simply because they just do not like them?

I am glad that these very negative forces—they know themselves—do not have the power of the vote this time around as we try to clean the mess they created in May 2016.

The SRC says it will appoint an interim committee soon to run the affairs of the ZRU. This is a commendable move.

They owe a great deal to the nation to act independently and do the right thing.

The SRC must consult widely and wisely. They must, without fear of favour, ignore the mischief-makers in our midst, who think they can continue toying around with the emotions of genuine rugby-loving fans of this nation.

Zimbabwean rugby is a small and vulnerable community that needs to be protected from vultures that do not care about the repercussions of their petty power struggles.

It cannot afford the luxury of toxic politics. It cannot be allowed to be driven by such personal and narrow sectarian interests that are threatening to rear their ugly head again. That would have a catastrophic impact if it were allowed to happen. The entire game would suffer, and a good opportunity to make things right wasted.

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