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Workers bemoan HR committees, approve boards

WORKERS are concerned over the performance of human resources committees in their workplaces, but are happy with the board members of their companies, a survey shows.

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In a survey report by Industrial Psychology Consultants (IPC) titled Executive Management — Board Relations Survey Report, most of the participants (38,6%) believe the performance of the human resources remuneration committee needs improvement with 4,3% calling the performance of the human resources renumeration committees “unacceptable”.

However 35,7% said the performance of human resource committees is satisfactory with 21,4% saying it is well-run.

It is a very different story when it comes to workers’ sentiments on the boards of their companies.

According to the survey, most the participants (73,1%) believe their board has a full range of skills required to lead the business effectively while a majority of the participants (87,2%) said their board is of the right size .

The survey found that the majority of the participants (63,2%) said their board has independent directors to ensure checks and balances.

Most of the participants (58,2%), the survey noted, said their board does not micro-manage executive management while 41,8 % said their board micro-manages executive management.

A majority of the participants (90,7%) are sure that there is a good and professional relationship between their CE and the board, the survey found.

The survey interviewed participants from various sectors of the economy that include banking, mining, insurance and manufacturing.

Other sectors of the economy from which participants were drawn are agriculture, motoring, telecommunications and construction.

Most participants had an average monthly revenue or budget of less than 10 million, 16,5% had an average of more than 20 million and 8,1 percent had a budget or revenue between 11 to 20million.

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