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No permanent friends or enemies in politics

… the Grace and Kasukuwere drama reminds us of Mugabe’s politics of deception; the employment of cunning and duplicity in statecraft or general conduct. This should save as a warning to Zanu PF sycophants and Mugabe bootlickers.

WHOEVER said there are no permanent friends or enemies in politics, but permanent interests knew what they were talking about.

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The story of Grace Mugabe and Saviour Kasukuwere — once bosom buddies — comes to mind.

The two were known to be very close and formed the core of the Gang of Four — together with Jonathan Moyo and Patrick Zhuwao. They were the G40 engine-room until their faction started unravelling when Eunice Sandi-Moyo and Sarah Mahoka crossed Grace’s path. Kasukuwere, obviously overestimating his power and capacity, tried to stop the Grace tsunami and almost got swept away. Some say he even went to hospital as his blood pressure shot up amid rioting anxiety and fear that he would be expelled.

This is the same political figure who went to former Vice-President Joice Mujuru crawling and almost in tears in 2009 after President Robert Mugabe had left him out of the Government of National Unity cabinet. After Mujuru saved him from being thrown into the political scrapyard, he ended up fighting with her in 2014 and was at the forefront of hounding her out of Zanu PF.

Remember Kasukuwere was also close to the late army commander retired General Solomon Mujuru, Joice’s husband who died in a mysterious blaze in 2011.

General Mujuru himself was instrumental in helping Mugabe to secure the Zanu leadership at the Chimoio congress in 1977 in Mozambique, but was sidelined by Mugabe amid internal power struggles at the height of the economic meltdown and hyperinflation. Mugabe has continued to denounce General Mujuru in his death.

For that is Mugabe’s politics: the politics of manipulation, deception and using people before dumping them — ruthless Machiavellianism. Grace, even if she previously failed her English studies and got a dubious PhD from the University of Zimbabwe, has been such a brilliant student of Mugabeism.

Mugabe has worked with and used many leaders in the past and dumped them.

So the Grace and Kasukuwere drama reminds us of Mugabe’s politics of deception; the employment of cunning and duplicity in statecraft or general conduct.

This should serve as a warning to Zanu PF sycophants and Mugabe bootlickers. Kasukuwere must be a bit intelligent on these issues. Muckraker is not sure which intelligence grade the Zanu PF national commissar possesses. There are three kinds of intelligence: one kind understands things for itself, the other appreciates what others can understand, the third understands neither for itself nor through others. This first kind is excellent, the second good, and the third kind useless.

Whatever the case, he must ask his friend Jonathan Moyo, he seems to know Zanu PF much better, even if he is relatively a newcomer.

Wheelchair politics

President Robert Mugabe received a chair — some insist it is a wheelchair by another name — from his ministers on Monday this week to relax his frail bones.

It was initially reported as a “special mobile chair” by the soporific ZBC before it was hurriedly changed to “massage chair”. Whatever type of chair it is, it has not stopped the scandal from going viral because of its symbolism.

Mugabe’s cabinet, ipso facto, ironically communicated to the world’s oldest ruler that he is now fit to sleep and snooze in his so-called “massage chair” even at work. This confirms what we all know: Mugabe has become a liability, which should be discarded to save the nation and its people.

Using vague phraseology to shield Mugabe will not conceal that he is old and frail; it won’t re-energise him. He is past his sell-by date and must just go to Zvimba to reflect on his toxic leadership and disastrous rule which will bequeath Zimbabwe and its posterity with a catalogue of failure and calamity.

Corrupt clowns

The tragic spectacle at the ministry of Mines continues with revelations that permanent secretary Francis Gudyanga has not only shredded corporate governance tenets by being the only board member at the Minerals Marketing Corporation of Zimbabwe since 2013, but has also been drawing allowances despite there being no meetings being held.

Unless, of course, he was meeting alone!

Gudyanga is the complainant and State witness in a case in which two MMCZ executives — acting general manager Richard Chingodza (41) and his deputy Hannan Tongai Chitate (35) — are on trial for US$600 000 fraud.

Gudyanga drew the ire of defence lawyer Oliver Marwa when he shockingly claimed in his evidence-in-chief that Chingodza and Chitate fraudulently approved their personal loans without the knowledge of the board.

The lawyer then gave Gudyanga a document showing the various amounts he received as board fees, leaving the witness tongue-tied. Magistrate Francis Makomo subsequently ordered Gudyanga to read out the contents, which showed a total of US$23 128 in three years, but he refused before admitting to receiving some of the money.

That he remains in his job at all speaks to the astounding incompetence and toleration of corruption by his boss Mines minister Walter Chidhakwa. That Chidhakwa fumes over impropriety by diamond companies in Chiadzwa while harbouring this calibre of officials in his ministry exposes him as a clumsy hypocrite.

Mujuru chaos

So the National People’s Party leader spokesperson Jealousy Mawarire has finally resigned. Mawarire gained fame or notoriety, depending on your political disposition, in 2013 when he went to the Constitutional Court — with a State and Jonathan Moyo leash on him — to force general elections on July 31, 2013, claiming a delay would prejudice him as a citizen and voter.

Only God knows how he was going to be prejudiced. Now that he stampeded the nation into elections fraudulently won by Mugabe and Zanu PF, precipitating renewed economic implosion, how has that benefitted him?

Yet former Chief Justice Godfrey Chidyausiku and his followers on the bench ruled in Mawarire’s favour. It was one of the most flawed and shocking judgements under Chidyausiku’s reign.

The new Chief Justice Luke Malaba, who was sworn in yesterday, however, disagreed. He wrote one of his best dissenting opinions that left Chidyausiku and his colleagues with egg on their face. It became clear, largely because of Malaba’s opinion, that Zimbabweans were being hurried into elections through political jurisprudence and authoritarian machinations aided and abetted by Mawarire.

The fight by Mawarire and Gift Nyandoro at a city hotel last week did not only lay bare the confusion and chaos in Mujuru’s new party, but also brought into sharp focus her naivety. The sort of people she surrounds herself with and works with speak volumes about that.

Stung by the savaging of his boss by the public and private media over the way she incompetently handled interviews with the BBC HardTalk and German news broadcaster Deutsche Welle, Mawarire — a journalist-turned-spin-doctor-reinvented-pugilist — claimed there was a desperation on the part of MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai to lead the coalition of opposition parties in next year’s general elections.

Despite his shady and questionable political credentials, Mawarire is an intelligent man and can do better than this. Come on Jealousy, spin-doctoring and boxing are not your forte; why not just go back to journalism? You write very well, after all, even if you like unproductive polemics too much!

Mnangagwa must change his mindset

In this day and age where tyranny has since lost its glitter and relevance, Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa still thinks there is room for his boss to be declared life president.

This coming from a man who wants to be president of Zimbabwe in the 21st century. How do you posture as a reformer and use such language in your political discourse? How can you have a reformer who is undemocratic at heart and prefers laws like criminal defamation? Does this not show that Mnangagwa will be just like Mugabe or even worse if he comes to power? He must prove us wrong by embracing a modern way of thinking, diversity and tolerance.

Furthermore, does this obsequious groveling not make Mnangagwa a pathetic coward — not a smooth operator as his supporters and mindless herd of bootlicking sycophants would have us believe?

The truth is that there is no evidence Mnangagwa would be better than Mugabe. His political philosophy and disposition are the same. While his supporters claim he is a reformer, day in day out he proves he is not. Given his authoritarian streak and complicity in grisly human rights abuses, it’s a hard-sell to claim he is a reformer and soft as wool. Muck wishes Mnangagwa could change his mindset, and change now, for the better. His strongman image and threatening posture belongs to the dark ages of primitive tyranny and repression.

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