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A new season for business

I HOPE you all had refreshing festivities. Renewal and cleansing are a big part of New Year, as we celebrate this time of the year. The New Year brings with it renewed hope, expectations and promises.

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Why not use the same principles to renew your commitment to your career and cleanse any negativity by overcoming your roadblocks and soaring to new heights? It is an awe-inspiring time of the year to really take your success to the next level.

Here are five questions that I would like to ask you and also use as part of my business improvement strategy during this time of the year to help with career cleansing and inspiration:

What is serving you well?

The first quarter of the year has just begun. Ask yourself: what is serving me well so far and what do I need to change? There is a whole year ahead to make some tweaks and changes. So how can you embark on an upward trend and let go of what is not serving you well? Take time out to really brainstorm on a list of activities that are working for your business or in your career and another list of those roadblocks or activities that are not getting you the results you deserve.

Next, create strategies on how to use activities that are working even more and how to let go of those activities that are dragging you down. Get a new perspective from your mentors, coaches, and friends to identify these items and strategies.

What are your motivators?

Ask yourself: what motivates me and how am I using that in my everyday tasks to support my business and/or my career? Use your motivators as much as you can! Think about the times when you really were pumped up about a task or activity and the results they achieved in the last quarter of 2016.

How can you use more of your time performing those inspiring tasks? Think about the times when you dragged your feet or really dreaded doing a task. How can you let go and do less of these tasks, give them to someone else to do, or incorporate your motivators into these tasks to lift your momentum?

Who are you blaming?

When things did not go well for you this past quarter, who did you blame and where did your focus go? Remember, you are in charge of your destiny. So stop the blame game and focus on real action you can take ownership to change your thinking. Reframe the situation that caused you to start “blaming” and look at it as a challenge, a puzzle for you to solve. Think of five to 10 ways you can change the outcome or do things differently to see a more positive result.

Use these ideas to help unleash that energy and power you have within you to really make an impact. Remember, it is up to you. Of course, getting the support you need is important so look at how you can have others engaged to support you.

Use them as cheerleaders to help pump you up. Drop the negative thinking. No matter how bad a situation seems or how disappointed you may have been with the outcome, create a new mantra for yourself to focus on what you can do to help improve the situation, what you can learn from the situation, and what did not go well despite the outcome.

When you focus in advance, you really start to see improvements and progress. Do not get stuck in the mud but renew your commitment to see a “new leaf”.

Are there roadblocks?

There is definitely a reason to see these obstacles that sap your positive energy as challenges for you to solve. This makes you stronger and helps you hone your skills and improve knowledge in your career or business journey. If you can shift your mindset to look at roadblocks as challenges and awesome learning experiences, you can overcome them with the right attitude, focus, commitment and support. With just this mind shift, you will be well on your way to victory!

How can I renew my energy?

Sometimes we just get bogged down in the everyday tasks, commitments and routines in our lives. Our vision gets blurred and we start to just go through the motions. Now is the time to Shake it off!; this is the title of a Taylor Swift song. Do not get bogged down in the minutia, pull yourself up and see the beauty that surrounds you.

Remember why you chose your career path, your job or started your business. Get grounded back to your vision and see the passion that inspired you to get started. Reignite that passion and renew your focus. It is really up to you to take your career to the next level. If you are not sure how to do it, step back and remember what motivated you in the past. If you need to make some changes and “shake it up”, go for it! Sometimes it is as easy as remembering why you went down the path you have chosen and putting that upfront and at the centre of your focus. Sometimes, it is making small changes to that path but still pointing you in the direction you are passionate about going and sometimes it is taking another path forward toward your destiny.

Taking time out to think about this and renewing your energy is a great exercise. Take a walk or some meditation and think about it. Go to a quiet remote location and focus on renewing your passion. Look at who you might engage to help you refocus and energise yourself back into positive action. You want to love going to work on Monday, not drudge your work. You spend so much of your time with your job, love what you are doing. You want to remember that passion that drove you toward the path you are on and refocus that energy to propel you forward.

You can always take these timeouts and renew, re-energise and focus yourself back on the path of success. Dropping or cleaning out old baggage that does not serve you well for your own personal career summer cleaning will serve you well. Remember your gifts and renew your commitment to yourself and to serving others with those wonderful gifts you were blessed with. As we remember during this New Year, the power of renewal and the strength of a higher power that has seen us through, we can release that energy and that commitment to really making a difference in our life and those around us.

You are a woman/man warrior! You are a leader in your life. Renew your focus and energy and see the amazing results you can achieve. You are unstoppable once you put your mind to it and your energy can be limitless. Enjoy this wonderful New Year and re-ignite your passion and love for life (you want it to be everlasting). Happy New Year!

Mandeya is an executive coach in human capital development and corporate education, a certified life coach in leadership and professional development at the Institute of Leadership Research and Development. You can contact him on lead.inst.dev@gmail.com, mandeyarobert@gmail.com

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