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AMHVoices: Tsvangirai only viable candidate

As expected, some opportunistic political parties with no grassroots support were up in arms following the Morgan Tsvangirai-led MDC-T’s resolution to field a candidate with a real chance of winning against President Robert Mugabe.

By Kennedy Kaitano,Our Reader

If the removal of Zanu PF from power is what Zimbabwe needs, then anyone who argues against such a position is either just power-hungry, jealousy, part of the Zanu PF machinery or all of the three combined. How can you want to remove Zanu PF and then field a candidate without the capacity to win against Mugabe, who has already been endorsed as the Zanu PF candidate for the 2018 elections? Why then are phrases such as tried and tested developed if someone dismisses such a position?

I have written my own opinion article on the subject and said that the political party with the biggest following must provide the candidate for the presidential elections against Mugabe, and I am still of the same opinion. Other parties who wish to present their own candidates must simply prove their political capital in the negotiations.

The problem with some of these parties is that they overvalue their potential, just as Professors Arthur Mutambara and Welshman Ncube did in 2008 when, as confirmed by Tendai Biti, they allowed the talks to field a common candidate over two seats when they thought the MDC-T was wrongly static in its support in Bulawayo. Political parties opposing Tsvangirai in his party’s position should study the 2008 effort to prove for themselves that the MDC-T are more realistic in their approach.

The MDC-T must proceed to identify appropriate players to work with to achieve the goal to end Zanu PF rule for the good of the nation.

I appeal to all reasonable political parties opposed to Mugabe not to repeat the Mutambara, Dumiso Dabengwa and Simba Makoni’s experiment of 2008 which was influenced, to a large extent, by the amateurish approach to politics and hate for Tsvangirai as expressed by Dabengwa who said he could not support a trade unionist and a Frederick Chiluba-like candidate, even when the late Father Zimbabwe Dr Joshua Nkomo was a trade unionist.

I also appeal to Zimbabweans who wish to see Zimbabwe extricated from the jaws of the Zanu PF dictatorship to rally behind a candidate with potential to remove Mugabe to bring about a new beginning for the country.

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  1. @ Mr Kennedy can you pin point the policies which the MDC-T intend to implement when they get into power? My take is that the only agenda they have is only to remove Mugabe from power but the million dollar question is “What will you do after that?”. Yes the state of the economy is not good but it seems as if opposition politicians do not have anything of substance to offer.

  2. Chatsva, tell us how many policies the mafia style zanu pf party has implemented that has benefited Zimbabweans?Does it follow that if they show you the policies that they intend to implement then its a guarantee that they will implement them?How many zanu pf manifestos have we see for the past decades going down the drain? Recently in the 2013 elections the mafia party promised the nation that it will create 2 million jobs and what happened?If you still believe that policies written on a piece of paper can change the fortunes of this country,then shame on you.At the moment the battle we have at hand is to remove the zanu pf government at any cost damn the consequences.

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