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Trumpquake, geopolitical 9/11 and crass narratives

MUCKRACKER is astounded by the crass ignorance and the attendant naive narrative pushed by the captive state media in its senseless endorsement and celebration of Donald Trump’s victory in the United States.


At a time when serious postmortems around the world are underway to find out how and why Trump won — a victory which was nothing less than a geopolitical 9/11 — the state media’s celebration of his win claiming he is a better devil compared to Hillary Clinton because of her role in the George W Bush administration-imposed sanctions on Zimbabwe and the invasion of Libya in 2011, is the most ridiculous and shallow form of analysis to emerge yet on the Trumpquake.

While the state-controlled daily Herald in Zimbabwe is pushing the boat out over Trump’s victory, geopolitically — and that’s what matters to Zimbabwe and the whole world — there are fears the US president-elect, a grandson of a German immigrant whose original surname is Drumpf, Trumpf or whatever (which is why it is strange for him to be anti-immigrants) — might be a warmonger-in-chief.

By the way, there is something strange about some politically high-profile descendants of immigrants or leaders of foreign descent when it comes to immigrants issues. Think of Hitler, Stalin, Verwoerd, Boris Johnson, Nigel Farage, one leader of a collapsing southern African country of Malawian descent with a Hitler-style moustache whom Muckraker won’t name lest he be accused of treason, and of course, Trump.

Trump did all kinds of deplorable things — through inflammatory rhetoric based on race, gender, religious and ideological hate — that were unthinkable for a serious presidential candidate, especially in the US. But it turned out that there was a right-wing constituency for his crude populist rhetoric and fascist demagoguery.
Despite having billions and getting involved in TV reality and modelling shows, Trump only came to political prominence hawking the false claim that President Barack Obama is not an American.

Trump tirades

During campaigns, Trump repeatedly said things that responsible candidates could not say — insulting blacks, African countries, denigrating women, describing Mexicans as rapists, pledging to ban Muslim immigrants, mocking a disabled reporter, fat-shaming a Miss Universe, cozying up to the racist group Ku Klux Klan, trashing women who accused him of groping, calling vaccines harmful and sparking outrages that would get overshadowed by the next outrage.

He refused to release his tax returns, which had never been done, and the experts said couldn’t be done. The experts, it turned out, had no idea what they were talking about, just like the mainstream media and pollsters on the election.

Although Clinton pushed for sanctions on Harare and her regrettable boast about Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi’s death after the invasion of Libya saying, “We came, we saw and he died”, was in bad taste , to blame her for Gaddaffi’s demise is a huge leap into the realms of fantasy.

The invasion of Libya was spearheaded by a Nato-led coalition to implement the United Nations Security Council resolution 1973 even supported by South Africa and Nigeria — Africa’s superpowers.

While the killing of Gaddafi was wrong (even if he killed thousands), the attempt to portray Clinton as the one who led the invasion of Libya is just plain daft. Moreover, to say Clinton is worse than Trump because she is associated with the opposition in Zimbabwe is just crazy.

This is a man who has been quoted as saying “laziness is a trait in blacks” and “black guys counting my money! I hate it”. He even said blacks are only good at gallivanting in the ghettos and at having sex. The US president-elect, celebrated by the captive state media, even had the audacity to propose that Africa needs to be recolonised for another 100 years!

Yet a bunch of official media hacks in Zimbabwe — currently brazenly and breathlessly pushing a parochial Zanu PF factional agenda — continue with a dumb-ass and unsustainable narrative which make them sound “hollow men, stupid men, heads filled with straw”, to quote TS Eliot.

Matonga fiasco

That the violent and chaotic land reform was a monumental disaster is a given. The embodiment of this catastrophe was amply captured by our sister paper The Standard’s account of former Zanu PF member Bright Matonga’s miserable failure at Chigwell Estate, 115 kilometres along the Harare-Bulawayo road, when he tried his hand in farming after invading an citrus farm as part of the much-vaunted land reform programme.

The results have been catastrophic with most citrus trees reportedly cut down for firewood. That the estate, which once produced 300 000 cartons of oranges a year for export, is now just a dense forest providing shelter to rodents and snakes rather than oranges, puts the embarrassing disaster that the land reform is into proper perspective.
Matonga is not alone however as evidenced by the long stretches of blackjacks and weeds countrywide on what used to be productive farmland. The former Zanu PF MP an deputy minister, who has presided over this calamity, is ironically an author of a book titled Resettled Farmers and Food Security in Zimbabwe: Current Trends and Debates.
It is truly a case of preaching about what one fails to practice. That he has since left the farm in a huff paving way for Agri Alliance in a land utilisation deal that involves the Ministry of Lands and financial institutions shows that Matonga, like many of his fellow Zanu PF-linked looters, was not the answer to successful land reform and will never be. Cde Not-so-Bright emitted more heat than light in his short but disastrous farming career.
Many Zanu PF leaders, top civil servants and security bosses own vast tracts of land which they are failing to utilise. That’s partly why Zimbabwe can’t feed itself anymore and the economy has all but collapsed.

Magufuli model

Tanzanian President John Pombe Magufuli has once again shown the way after he admitted his wife in a public hospital. Magufuli who has won many admirers for his pro-poor and prudent fiscal measures visited his wife who was admitted at Muhimbili National Hospital in Dar es Salaam for an undisclosed illness, a public hospital admitted along other patients.

This, of course, is in stark contrast to Mugabe who squanders public resources flying to the Far East for medical attention after having wrecked the country’s health sector through his inept and calamitous leadership.

Such is the wreckage in the health sector that even his own daughter Bona had to give birth to his first grandchild in the comfort of a luxurious health facility in Singapore. So much for sovereignty that Mugabe preaches ad nauseam when he in fact shuns so many things Zimbabwean preferring foreign stuff. Mugabe, who has become a national disgrace, could learn a thing or two from the Tanzanian leader.

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