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Why life coaching is a growing phenomenon

WITH increasing competition, pressure for performance and result-based management, today’s business leaders need to keep abreast and remain focused on the goals of their organisations. The world has also become one big destructive arena with all sorts of competing but equally important demands for one’s attention. Consequently, the position of a leader has become so precarious; hence the need for intervention mechanisms to keep leaders on top of their game.

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In light of the foregoing, life coaching has become a necessity than a choice. Life coaching is a growing phenomenon which is not new in the world, but is now spreading in the third world as people realise the need for a transformative approach to life and business. The world is moving fast, and people need acute coping mechanism to keep abreast. Coaches should help their clients to come up with strategic choices in a fast changing world.

It is important to note here that life coaching is not only confined to people in business, but it is for everyone involved in many other endeavours of life like family, profession, church, social work education, academic and so on. It is therefore important for someone to be clear about which area you need coaching in. But whatever endeavour one is pursuing, the purpose of life coaching is the same — to increase the consciousness and or awareness of who a person is in relation to his life undertaking.

Simply put, life coaching looks at connecting you with your innermost “self” by exploring inhibitions and constraints that often hold people back from experiencing and realising their fullest potential. A coach should be able to ignite that spark in you into full blown flames of purposeful directed energy. Successful coaching is one that connects the individual with his aspiration, dream or goal. It is an aligning or realigning process of touching and transforming private and business lives of people. This requires skill and knowledge, which can only be obtained through training. We have seen a proliferation of individuals claiming to be life coaches yet they are not trained to be certified coaches and people must be wary of these. In Zimbabwe, this programme has only been initiated recently and we have a couple of certified coaches now in full practice.

Therefore, life coaching in Zimbabwe is not a new concept, but it has only been adapted by limited organisations.

With the increasing awareness and requirement for such a transformative induction, a coaching programme has been started in Zimbabwe offering a comprehensive authentic practice life coaching. A properly conducted coaching should help individuals connect with their dreams by realising some of the blind spots or “blocks” that inhibit them from progressing into the right direction in their lives, professions, careers or business.

It is, therefore, important to select a right leadership training programme that perfectly matches with your requirements. In the world of business, never enter the business world alone, misdirected or without knowledge of what to do. It can only lead to poor choices and as such lead to losses and years of wasted efforts.

Too often, people invest their financial resources, time and energy into programmes and activities that are not for them at that particular time. It is disheartening for people trying so hard while working on the wrong priorities or choices. Have you ever asked why great athletes or sports persons have personal coaches?

Both research and evidence from industry have proven that working with a coach, whether in sport, life or business has numerous benefits. Here are six reasons to work with a coach;

Goal setting — A coach should always understand your reason and purpose in life or business. He/she helps to bring out your clarity then proceeds to assist you set appropriate, clear and achievable goals. The coach will help you develop programmes through goal setting. This is the foundation for the overall business plan, and provides the big picture or map for success.

Appropriate programming — Coaches can help you design your business programmes based on your goals and your research results. An appropriate blend of science based programming and personal goals will create a programme that is your blue print for success as well as being a working document that can be adjusted and tweaked when necessary along the way to stimulate the desired results.

Continued guidance — Coaches can be your immediate support base, they are there to guide you every step of the way and ensure you keep focused and moving forward efficiently.

Loss reduction — We are all prone to some form of loss and mishaps regardless of how cautious we are. Appropriate programming and guidance by your coach will create a safer environment for you to. A good coach builds on existing talent and potential to strengthen areas that are susceptible to losses.

Motivation — Coaches should develop a healthy partnership with a client and the biggest focus of this partnership should centre around trust and motivation. A coach should inspire you to remain focused and motivated so that you achieve your goal.

Continuous professional development- Coaches should provide opportunities for continuous learning. Given the coach’s wealth of knowledge and research, he/she should help a client get a deeper insight into the intricacies of his business and alert the client on certain blind spots in the business. The more the client knows about his business the more he will invest in it and become efficient. The outcome will be success.

Robert Mandeya is a training and communication in management advisor. You can contact him on mandeyarobert@yahoo.com, mandeyarobert@gmail.com.

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