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LIVE UPDATES: War vets meeting in Harare

WAR veterans spokesperson Douglas Mahiya addresses war veterans provincial representatives at the Raylton Sports Club in Harare. Updates by Richard Chidza and Elias Mambo.
11:46 Jabulani did nothing wrong in all he said

mahiya cropped

11:47: 7/21/2016 We elected him knowing fully well he was not a member of Zanu PF

11:47: His crime was to join People First but the same thieves he left in Zanu are also in that party

11:48: Mutsvangwa represents the development of democracy


11:49: Our rural populace was supposed to be taught governance and democracy

11:49: And only those that fought for the country can fight the economic war

11:50: Corruption has become a way of life

11:50: There is no procedure in expulsion of people

11:51: Mutsvangwa was so straight forward that we knew he would not survive

11:52: We had two people Mugabe and Mutsvangwa who had direction

11:54: They want Mutsvangwa to be removed. But he is going anywhere

11:54: They tricked us into removing Jabulani, we will not fall for that again

11:55: He must contest the constituency-someone shouts

11:56: They can have #thisflag or Tajamuka but we are the owners of this country

Picture Credit: AFP
Picture Credit: AFP

11:56: The most stupid thing war veta can do is to be scared to speak about succession when the leader is 92

11:56: Nobody can borrow a 92 year old money

11:57: National political commissar

11:58: We had Sithole, after him was supposed to be Takawira, he died, then came Chitepo after him was secretary general

11:58: The current setup the VP should take over but people want to usurp that

11:59: The First Lady said she had been misquoted over her comments that she is not ranked higher than Mnangagwa. Its political corruption

12:01: Pasi neG40 Tshuma Bulawayo

12:03: Pasi nemaleaders indicating left but turning right secretary for security-Denis Ndlovu

12:11: Some say we are the gun and should wait to be triggered. We have been called a welfare case and must stick to that-Matemadanda

 Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans' Association (ZNLWVA) secretary-general Victor Matemadanda
Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association (ZNLWVA) secretary-general Victor Matemadanda

12:13: We are paying for someone’s corruption at Zesa. They are asked and their defence is others are doing the same and the gun must keep quiet?

12:14: There is pandemonium to give stands to youths but we never saw that with war vets. Councils have been rendered useless

12:16: We do not hate anyone but their deeds

12:16: Mutsvangwa was expelled for telling the truth

12:17: Someone says a Shona is not wanted in leadership but they get security instead

12:17: Mugabe and Nkomo’s unity is under threat because of people who are stoking ethnic tensions

The Late Dr Joshua Nkomo
The Late Dr Joshua Nkomo

12:19: I have been identified as dissident number three

12:23: War veteran identified as Tsikwa from Mashonaland East now addresses the meeting

12:23: We must stop talking and speak the same language as G40

12:24: There is no reason to celebrate heroes when the economy is dead

12:24: We have support of Zimbabweans

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