Govt must sift through Munyeza’s 10-point plan

In his strategy paper christened 10-Point Plan, former African Sun chief executive and businessman, Shingi Munyeza, proffered a mixed bag of advice to government. Some of the issues sound decent while others have no place in our economy. It was not head-on as some papers reported. Therefore, government should sift through the paper with a view to picking ideas that are compatible with the national vision.

By Rufaro Mufundirwa,Our Reader

Former African Sun chief executive and businessman,Dr. Shingi Munyeza,

Former African Sun chief executive and businessman,Dr. Shingi Munyeza,

Munyeza advised government to, among other things, cut its expenditure, commercialise some of the state-owned enterprises, move into the Rand Union and revisit indigenisation laws. He also expressed his reservations on the introduction of bond notes.

The need to cut on government expenditure cannot be overemphasised. Munyeza did not invent a wheel on this one.

That call has been on the lips of everybody with a modicum of economic appreciation. It is also the same prescription the International Monetary Fund gave to Zimbabwe. So government has a number of measures at its disposal which it can take to cut its expenditure without necessarily engaging in a deliberate retrenching exercise as suggested by the businessman.

Zimbabwe has to rid itself of bloated institutions such as parliament and cabinet which are some of the most bloated on the continent. The number of MPs is not commensurate with the population of Zimbabwe. With a population of not more than 14 million, parliament has a total of 350 MPs, some of whom, especially in urban areas, are duplicating duties of councillors. It is not known if the people are being represented better than in 2000 when they were represented by just 150 MPs. There are countries that have bigger economies and population, but are represented effectively by a small parliament.

This writer agrees with Munyeza on the issues he raised. However, the randification issue he talked about is a non-starter. I would prefer a regional independent currency in the mold of the European Union’s euro. Rand is South Africa’s currency and its adoption as a regional currency, as many suggest, will see the South African Minister of Finance being the regional minister who will control monetary policies of the region. As Zimbabweans, we need our sovereignty.

Munyeza added his voice to the chorus of resistance to the introduction of bond notes. So much has been written and said about the rationality of introducing bond notes. We expect enlightened businesspeople like the learned doctor Munyeza, to separate emotions from real issues for the sake of national interest. Who knows, may be the alcohol-selling pastor was a beneficiary of the system that the bond notes seek to end.

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4 thoughts on “Govt must sift through Munyeza’s 10-point plan”

  1. Matirevesa says:

    Reduce provinces back to 5 or even down to 4; re-unite districts split into two such as mrewa, mtoko, guruve, plumtree etc. stop creating new chieftainships; harare ruwa epworth chitungwiza are one city not their separate selves as is now; abolish resident ministers or governors. have one authority in a rural district set-up and so do away with either the d.a. office or the chief executive officer’s office and other executive officers; reduce number of urban mp’s and some rural ones, considering the realistic possibility that you can get more than 40000 votes cast in a sparsely populated rural place like ump while getting far less in more pupulated areas with greater literacy rates; joining the rand is okay just as we adopted the u s dollar 8 years ago; better to have own currency and be part of the south african customs union like botswana and others than to have a non-currency called bond note; reduce cabinet to about 20 together with deputies; reduce government employer commissions down to one and do away with those dealing with health, police, prisons intelligence etc. Companies split into two or more entities should be re-amalgamated e.g. zesa, zbc. all parastatals or government entities should be responsible and accountable to parliament, and their managers and management boards appointed through parliament.

  2. Tawanda. says:

    Makes sense. More can be done. We need just one vice president or merely a senior monister who can be acting president when the president is away.

  3. Shoko Ndirori says:

    Interesting read. My 1 point plan – MUGABE AND HIS FAMILY, ZANU PF should resign from the governance of Zimbabwe and technocrats to apply for the vacancies in a 3 year transition before we hold elections. Thereafter every cabinet post will be evaluated based on perfomance, accountability and intergrity.



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