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Lumumba quits ‘failed’ Zanu PF

OUTSPOKEN Zanu PF activist and provincial youth leader Acie Lumumba, who recently accused President Robert Mugabe’s nephew Patrick Zhuwao of abuse of office, has resigned from the party citing its failure to deliver on its 2013 election promises, fight corruption and fix the economy.

Elias Mambo

In a scathing letter addressed to Mugabe, Lumumba said Zanu PF had failed to represent the wishes of the majority of the people, including empowering the poor.

“It is with a heavy heart today that I resign as deputy secretary of tourism and environment for Harare province and withdraw my membership from Zanu PF,” Lumumba wrote.

“I no longer believe that I can fulfil the promise that we as a party have given the people of Zimbabwe, implement meaningful economic and empowerment initiatives and effect change.”

In his letter, Lumumba also said Zanu PF policies were marginalising the poor.

“We collect taxes from regular people to pay huge salaries to corrupt and incompetent parastatal company managers.

We collect exorbitant duties and kill local manufacturers.

“We speak of indigenisation but we kick our artisanal miners off their national land to give it to foreign companies to mind,” he wrote.

“We speak of empowerment, but don’t fix the structural issues without which empowerment are economically impossible. We talk of the need for investment while the government owns and controls close to a hundred companies that are underfunded, mismanaged and underperforming.”

Lumumba said he was aware that life outside Zanu PF could be tough, but said he took comfort in the knowledge that most youths were struggling because of Zanu PF’s failures.

“I have never known any other political home and I have no other love politically except the ideas Zanu PF taught me,” he said. “I am well aware how cold it is outside Zanu PF politically, but I am cognisant that is where the rest of my peers are. I cannot continue like this being part of a system that is destroying its own children, fails to care for its elders, doesn’t honor its servicemen, and most importantly doesn’t allow youth to grow and flourish.”

Lumumba was last month fired as chairman of a steering committee on the Zimbabwe Youth Empowerment Strategy for Investment by Zhuwao following allegations of misappropriating funds.

But in a no-holds-barred video posted on social media entitled #dig deeper, he alleged that Zhuwao, who is also Indigenisation minister, was corrupt and not fit to hold any public office.

He later told the Zimbabwe Independent in an interview that Zhuwao was punishing him for refusing to assist him to grab 2,5% Old Mutual shares.

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