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ZNCC hosts business networking golf

Build prosperous business relationships while playing the game you love with the popular Annual Business Golf day organised by the Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce “the voice of business.” The 2016 ZNCC Business Networking Golf will be held at Chapman Golf Club in Harare on the 21st of October.



This is business networking playing competitive golf, exclusive networking opportunities to build fruitful business relationships, and have a lot of fun in the process.

Run by both professionals golfers and marketing experts, the tour provides business owners and keen golfers with the chance for both personal and professional gain. Not only does the tour offer players an excellent opportunity to regularly develop their golf technique but their business network too. Meanwhile, our popular putting competition helps to hone one of the essential techniques in golf and raise awareness and funds for local charity dizzy: support for diabetes

ZNCC in the past couple of years has successfully managed and hosted golf days countrywide for over five years. We offer a professionally managed golf experience providing excessive value to the golfer.

Golf has become the corporate sport of choice. The importance of businesses to network makes golf day’s great means for introductions to relationship building.

Golf is still regarded as one of the best ways to network and secure new business. Participating in a corporate golfing day organised by the Chamber is a great marketing tactic but planning and preparation is needed to ensure you achieve the best out of the exercise.

Business people are much more relaxed and unguarded when they are out of a boardroom or office setting. Sharing time with existing and potential new customers in a relaxing, fun environment will improve relationships and enhance conversion success.

It also means you’ll secure their undivided attention for several hours rather than a two-minute phone call.
However, it’s worth remembering that your guests have attended your event for fun – so don’t overdo the sales talk.

When organising the Annual Golf Day the Chamber ensures that invitations are sent out early so that you can attract business icons, government officials, captains of industry and diplomats.

Members of the business community are invited to subscribe to this event and take advantage of the networking platform

The ZNCC Annual Golf Day brings opportunities for corporates to market themselves. Some of the opportunities corporates can take advantage of are;Banner display on the pitch,Sponsoring the golf day,And Exhibition Stands

Any corporate event organised by the “voice of business” is an opportunity to expand your brand and corporate identity. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to reinforce your business values.

The ZNCC Annual Golf Day saw companies such as Securico, Minerva, Zetdc, SeedCo, Financial Gazette, AMC, ZINARA and Star FM to mention but a few participating at the four ball tournament.

Forming a relationship, even a business relationship, takes time. Loyalty goes a long way so starting and maintaining trust and communication with potential clients or partners is an essential ingredient in the recipe for business success. Our culture puts a lot of emphasis on first impressions but you can rarely establish a foundation with someone in just one meeting, especially if it is a brief introduction at some sort of corporate event. A game of golf is an easy way to secure an additional opportunity to get to know someone you might be interested in doing business with in the future. In other words, it is a lot easier to get them to say yes to a round of golf than to a formal business meeting.

They love the excuse to get out of the office just as much as you do. And once you are out on the course you will find that golf courses are seemingly tailor-made to allow for that type of relationship building to occur. Even if you do not play a full round or just nine holes, you are guaranteed at least a couple hours with those in your golf group. Golf is a game that involves a lot of downtime so it affords plenty of opportunity for quality conversation.

For more information on the ZNCC Annual contact ZNCC offices.

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