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Schools should not demand fees in full

The cash shortages currently bedeviling the country are cause for concern. For those who were around in 2008-2009 can testify the horrible experience we went through. It is an experience that one would not want to see its recurrence.

Rufaro Mufundirwa,Our Reader

Government must just see what it can do to address this situation before it worsens. It is unfortunate, however, that this is happening when schools have just opened. Parents need money to pay fees and other necessities.

However, it is inconsiderate that some schools were actually demanding the payment of full fees on or before opening day when things are this ugly. Government should chip in and direct schools to allow parents to make part payments.

We understand schools have financial obligations to meet, but at least 50% of the fees can take them somewhere.

Things are tough for parents and headmasters must be considerate. It appears that some are refusing to understand the parents’ plight. The Education ministry should help with the situation as parents have been placed in a difficult position here.

We also urge government to force shops and wholesalers to install point of sale terminals in their shops so that people can transact electronically. Every service provider such as Zesa, councils, etc, must have these facilities so that the general public can make use of plastic money and ameliorate the impact of the cash crisis.

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