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AMHVoices:Mujuru’s futile attempt to lure youths, war vets

Zimbabwe People First leader Joice Mujuru urged youths in her Independence speech to shun the million-man march being organised by the Zanu PF youths in solidarity with President Robert Mugabe.

By John Sigauke,Our Reader.

Zimbabwe People First leader Dr.Joyce Mujuru
Zimbabwe People First leader Dr.Joyce Mujuru

Mujuru is labouring under the delusion that the historic march is a product of coercion by Mugabe. No, the march is absolutely being organised by the youths wing of the party on their own volition. It does not add up for Mujuru to encourage the youths to shun their own initiative.

Her outbursts are just sour grapes and she is still more than willing to be taken back into Zanu PF even as an ordinary card-carrying member. Remember her statement in which she revealed that she would never leave Zanu PF, the only political home she has known since birth. It must not surprise you one day when you see her knocking doors at the “Shake-shake” building.

The MDC-T had 2 000 (some say between 5 000 and 10 000) of them in the streets April 14 demanding Mugabe to step down, but Mujuru never urged the youths to ignore the demonstrations. This alone exposes her insincerity. The message coming from Mujuru is that only the MDC-T that must demonstrate and not Zanu PF.

In the same speech, Mujuru also attempted to lure war veterans. She should be reminded that Mugabe created a whole ministry to baby sit on the welfare of war veterans. The freedom fighters recently met him, who is their patron, where the latter promised to look into their grievances. With all this effort, Mujuru says that the war veterans are being abused and used. She reminds the war veterans of their courage and spirit of sacrifice, a statement that borders on incitement to revolt.

The hand of Rugare Gumbo, a chap experienced in revolting against the leadership, is very visible here.

By saying the struggle was not about having one leader in power until death, Mujuru exposes her long held conviction. It is not a conviction she started holding when she was dumped by Zanu PF. She had the conviction even when she was second in charge of this country. It saves to exonerate those who dumped her.

It turned out this week that Mujuru’s statement on war veterans was a cheap attempt to lure war veterans to join the war vets body that her party is setting up. It is yet to be seen if the body will attract genuine war veterans save for the war-time rebels like Gumbo and Bernard Manyadza.

War veterans must not be duped by a politician who has no political future. They must remain united for it makes it easy for government to deal with the welfare of a unified force. Fragmented war veterans bodies aligned to various political formations only save to derail the fight for their welfare.

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