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Top most stolen cars

Are you insecure about your 1992 Mitsubishi? When you see the owner of the legendary Honda Accord descending, do you turn your face away, hiding in shame? Do you know that they will snarl in condescension of your pitiful clunker?


Well, you need not worry and you may find a glimmer of hope in the reality that these spectacular vehicles are carrying more than wealthy passengers. They are chauffeuring a gamble. There are a number of cars that are intrinsically more likely to be stolen. Rejoice – while your clunker breaks down on the side of the road on a cold winter day, these car owners (men such as Quentin Tarantino) will be hailing a taxi.

Honda Accord

It should not surprise you to learn that the very same reasons that people buy a car are the reasons that people steal a car. Since the Honda Accord is the most reliable vehicle, it is also the most likely to convoke the interest of professional thieves. Since the Accord is number 1 purchased vehicle, it is also the number 1 stolen vehicle.

This has led developers to install a unique key code without which the engine will not start. Nonetheless, the Accord is still sought after. While the newly developed key code will deter the average thief, professional car thieves continue to adapt their skills to new technology. Just as there are experts working for the car companies, there are also experts among the thieves. Owners of the accord should be wary of routinely leaving their vehicle in public or parked out in the open. People are watching. People are taking note.

Honda Civic

The Civic is popular among drag racers and has a lot of accessible parts that can be stolen. You might be inclined to think that selling a stolen car would be impossible in a civilised nation. But a network of thieves know how to properly strip a car. Alternatively, they might be able to sell the parts directly to the consumer, and nobody would stop to think that they were thieves. Indeed, the very consumer to whom the thieves sell might be their next target!

Chevy Silverado

The Silverado is one of the most dependable trucks on the market. Whether you want to haul a boat or load it with camping gear, it will serve the purpose. But do you know who else notices? I will give you a hint: they are hiding in the bushes, wearing a black mask with a pair of binoculars a few hundred yards away. Even the tailgate that people leave attached to their full-size Ford is at risk. Since the tailgate is easy to steal and possible to sell directly to the consumer, it has become a target for thieves. But still, the theft report of the tailgate is not nearly as prominent as the theft report for the Silverado.

Ford F-150

“How are cars with a factory deterrent getting stolen so quickly?” so asks the consumer. Well, getting into the car is not the hard part. They need only punch through the lock. However, apparently the thieves need a bit of knowledge in disciplines like engineering and electronics. They do a little wiring and bypass the electronic key code, and the engine starts. A trained car thief might be able to do this in short order. Certainly in less time than the average person leaves their car in their driveway unmonitored.

Toyota Camry

The new theft protection installed by Toyota has deterred a few thieves, but nonetheless, it remains one of the most stolen cars. Police officers report that many thieves have master keys for the Camry. Master keys are not so uncommon. Some even have them to serve customers that might have gotten locked out of their vehicle. How difficult is it for thieves to get their hands on them? With the right connections, these thieves are acquiring them. Many locks are difficult to open, even with a master key, requiring juggling and pressing for several moments. The Camry, however, is one of the easier cars to access with a master key.

Dodge/Ram Pick-up

Are you aware that this vehicle (as well as many others) can be stole in under a moment, in broad daylight? After all, nobody is suspicious of the man who just gets in a car and drives off. Even if he sits in it for a moment or two, nobody thinks anything of it. How many times have you sat in your car, writing a message, checking your phone, making a call, before taking off? Since it is not suspicious activity, people do not think to call the police. The ignition in the Dodge/Ram Pickup is ripped out using a slide hammer and then the truck is started with a screwdriver.

Dodge Caravan

Who would target a soccer mom? They have enough to deal with without having to contend with car thieves. But the Dodge Caravan, a family vehicle, is one of the most highly sought after vehicles. It is even the most stolen vehicle in Washington DC. The allure of the Caravan is not in its’ prowess but rather in its vulnerability. There is nothing in the key system that would deter a thief. It operates with outdated technology. This means that if a trained thief can get in the car, they can steal the car. It does not take more than a screwdriver and a lot of impact velocity to start the engine.

Jeep Cherokee

Not all car thieves are clever. They may have training in shoving screwdrivers into holes, but they panic. After stealing a car, they react impulsively. That is why one car thief driving a stolen Jeep Cherokee accidentally hit a pedestrian. Not exactly smooth. On the other hand, some more sophisticated thieves can hack into the electronics of the vehicle and control it from a distance. That terrifying reality sounds like a plot to a science fiction narrative. Of course, this also raises serious questions about cars that are connected to the internet. If a computer can be hacked, why not a vehicle? If somebody can sign into your social networking account and post inflammatory spam comments, why should we be surprised that they can control your car? Perhaps corporations will start driving your car to their business to inspire you to make a purchase!

Toyota Corrolla

The Corolla is a very likable and attractive compact car. They are flooding the streets. Well, thieves need to get around too. Thieves like cars just as much as honest people do. While the development of key technology has deterred a lot of potential thieves, one thing that they cannot guard against is owner negligence. About 50% of cars are stolen due to owner negligence. As Jerry Seinfeld said after a robbery in his apartment, “My lock only has one design flaw: the door must be closed!

Nissan Altima

The Altima employs the latest key technology. Consumers need not worry about the screwdriver method. However, some consumers have expressed concern about a tow truck hauling their vehicle away in the dead of night. After all, most manufacturers guard against thieves breaking into the car and starting it. But if they take it to a safe location, they can spend as much time as they need start the engine. Further, they might even be able to take it to such an isolated location that even GPS technology will be rendered inert. So it seems that manufacturers will need to start developing some sort of technology to guard against that.

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