Finmarkets indaba — ‘Ideas creating a future’

THE inaugural Financial Markets Indaba, to be held in June and hosted by Emergent Research, will offer participants thought leadership, powerful networks and robust debates through focused conversations and dynamic panel discussions.

Financial Matters Ray Chipendo

The conference will be held at a Harare hotel and will attract up to 300 attendees, over 50 influential speakers and panelists from various backgrounds. At the end of the day, the organisers hope to have achieve two goals. Firstly, we expect the best ideas elevated and profiled. Secondly, we believe the union of thought leaders, professionals and government will inspire financial market reforms key to economic growth. Our conviction “ideas inspiring a future” is the motivation behind this conference.

The indaba, hosted in association with Thomson Reuters and co-organised by Clobrook Investments, will be held on June 30 2016 at the Meikles Hotel in Harare.

Conference agenda

  • Commodity exchange: Catalyst for inclusive growth and liquidity?;
  • Venture capital: Financing the next unicorns;
  • Equities markets: Have we hit the bottom?;
  • Infrastructure: Redefining financing strategies;
  • Asset class selection and allocation: Where will returns come from?;
  • Private equity: Coming of age?;
  • Fire-side chat: Regulation and investor protection;
  • Fixed income: New financing normal?; and
  • Distressed debt investing: Junkyard or hidden treasure?

The panel discussions will take place in two conference rooms, and attendees have to reserve a seat in advance for preferred panels.

Who can attend?

Whether you represent a bank, a fund manager, advisory firm, institutional investor, project developer, start-up or government, the conference is an investment that will propel your organisation and your career. The goal of the organising team is to make your investment in attending this conference worthwhile. This, we will achieve by attracting speakers who will be valuable to delegates and speakers. By way of example, out of the 40 confirmed speakers so far, 30 hold one of the following titles CEO, MD or partner for their organisation. Some of the speakers will include Ray Chipendo from Emergent Research, Christian Beddies from the IMF, Tafadzwa Chinamo from Securities Exchange Commission and Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa. Nigel Chanakira will chair the discussions.

Value to the delegates?

What differentiates this conference from every other industry conference will not be size and duration, but the quality of people you will meet, the conversations you will have and the partnerships that will grow out of them. Our delegates list now includes representatives of global investment banks, regional fund managers, leading advisory firms and venture capital funds. By connecting with over 300 key decision makers, you will experience powerful and profitable ideas; and re-imagine your opportunities and potential.

Why partner with us?

In an ever-crowded and competitive market it is crucial that organisations stand out from the pack by leveraging platforms on which key decision makers meet. The Financial Markets Indaba is one of such platforms. Our team has taken time to prepare a pre-eminent marketing opportunity for corporates and finance based companies. The conference may not bring an immediate solution to everyday economic challenges in Zimbabwe, but it surely will elevate the best ideas and connect them with key decision-makers. Most of all we expect you to have fun, build profitable networks and perhaps close a deal or two.

Chipendo is a lead researcher at Emergent Research, an independent equity research firm in Johannesburg, South Africa.