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MDC condemns house demolitions in Harare

The demolitions of houses along the Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo Expressway, otherwise known as Airport Road, in Harare by the MDC-T-run Harare City Council in cahoots with the government and coming as a result of vote-buying and self-enriching shenanigans by Zanu PF land barons, are a violation of citizens’ fundamental rights to life, dignity, property, due process and shelter as guaranteed by the Zimbabwean constitution. As MDC, we condemn this forced displacement of people without provision of alternative shelter or compensation as it runs counter to government’s obligations to prevent unnecessary suffering and tension among its citizens.

Kurauone Chihwayi MDC spokesperson

We hope the people of Zimbabwe can see clearly for themselves Zanu PF’s true colours; that it sees the ordinary people as invisible, expendable and not to be taken seriously. It is unfortunate that these demolitions do not only erase homes, but livelihoods of hundreds of people and has far-reaching psychological, health and financial implications on the affected families.

demolition (1)

Women and children are suffering most, especially with these unpredictable weather patterns the country is experiencing.

It is clear to us that Zanu PF and the MDC-T are engaged in an unholy alliance to escalate the suffering of the people while they loot and apportion themselves land and stands desperately needed by the masses.

In our view, both these parties are culpable for these demolitions. By not lifting a finger in defence or in the fight for justice for the affected families, the council is aiding and abetting Zanu PF’s treachery.

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