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Zanu PF’s delusional theatrics destructive

Zimbabwe’s economy is on the steady road to recovery, President Robert Mugabe said last week.


Closing the “highly successful” Annual National People’s Conference at the Victoria Falls, Mugabe hailed resilient firms for maintaining operations and maintaining production despite Western sanctions.

“The economy is becoming better, and next year we expect things to become better,” he said.

“Some companies are back on their feet.”

This is the sort of delusional behaviour that has always characterised Zanu PF.

The president states what he wants to be the case, and the party follows suit. Even the more intelligent members join in this herd behaviour. Now we have Grace throwing her hat into the ring.

The economy is on the road to recovery, she insists in the Alice in Wonderland she inhabits.

Who apart from her acolytes believe this? The economy is actually at a record low. And with the Mugabes in charge there is no way out. We are doomed, not elevated.


South African president Jacob Zuma has hardly covered himself with glory by hiring and firing ministers, some more than once! At least they are competent. That is true of the Finance ministers in both Zimbabwe and South Africa.

The problem is, how do you get an able minister to implement policies formulated by a manifestly incompetent regime?
The Herald told us on Tuesday that the MDC-T was gearing for 2008 polls. “So who wants to know?” would be a suitable response.

This country has performed small miracles in the service of the MDC over a 15-year period. They now need to see something tangible, not Morgan’s million dollar home and that sort of thing.

Escalating war
During the Zanu PF conference in Victoria Falls, it was reported that Gokwe-Nembudziya MP Justice Mayor Wadyajena was arrested for criminal insult on one of his party colleagues Jimayi Muduvuri.

Muduvuri claims Wadyajena uttered insults on him while the name of the First Lady Grace Mugabe has also been drawn into the fray, which didn’t go down well with Muduvuri. This, without doubt, was a culmination of the struggle between Zanu PF national commissar Saviour Kasukuwere and Wadyajena who had traded insults before, in which Kasukuwere accused the Gokwe-Nembudziya legislator of trying to hunt an elephant with a catapult.

Without analysing the subliminal plot, this appears to be a war between Muduvuri and Wadyajena, yet in fact, it reflects on factional tussles rocking the entire ruling party.

The battle is pitting, according to reports, the Mnangagwa faction and the G40. While President Robert Mugabe tried to dismiss the existence of misunderstandings within his party, this development is a clear testimony of the disharmony that has plagued Zanu PF since last year when the party booted out former vice-president Joice Mujuru and members of her cabal – the gamatox. Zanu PF is on the free fall and it is unlikely to recover from a downfall of this magnitude.

Sinister agenda
Muckraker believes Mugabe is acting on pretence — he is being dishonest by trying to allay fears that misunderstandings have become the order of the day in the beleaguered ruling party.

Could it be that Wadyajena is paying the price for his attempt to investigate Kasukwere through parliamentary portfolio committee on his deals? Something sinister beyond what’s on the surface is surely happening.

Unfortunately, there is no reason to sympathise with any of them — they are equally blind — why should they fight over an inept leadership led by Mugabe and his wife — now famous of orchestrating bedroom coups for self aggrandisement. Why should an alert politician fight over Grace, whose ambition is primarily to consolidate the Mugabe dynasty by stampeding on other officials in the ruling party?

Arrests of Zanu PF members should continue for the likes of Wadyajena to realise that partial application of law which resulted in the incarceration of many MDC-T activists during previous elections is not the best way to govern.
If they feel the pain of unjustified arrests, there could be a chance for them to understand that Mugabe is a dictator who strongly believes in coercion to sustain his tyranny.

On a larger scale, the Herald reported on Tuesday that War Veterans minister Chris Mutsvangwa had been suspended after Zanu PF Mashonaland West Province passed a vote of no confidence in him.

This definitely is another turn in the history of Zanu PF which doesn’t tolerate dissent. Mutsvangwa would not escape this after his spate with Presidential spokesperson George Charamba, which the Zimbabwe Independent reported on recently.

For criticising Charamba, whom he said survived on government handouts since independence, Mutsvangwa was unlikely going to survive. His wife Monica met the same fate.

The fall of the Mutsvangwas came hardly a year after their ascension into upper echelons of power (ministerial posts) should tell us much concerning the rot in Zanu PF.

Mutsvangwa should be reminded that critical minds have no place in Mugabe’s government. Only thugs, thieves, parrots and choral journalists who churn out cheap propaganda at state-controlled media can feed in the same trough with the ruling elite. And today the tune must only ring Her Excellency Honourable Grace/ Munhu wese kuna amai…

Anyway Mutsvangwa at least deserves applause for standing against the parochial Mugabe mantra that drives Zanu PF today.

The ruling party needs more of these and less of the Kasukuweres who see others as enemies for expressing dissatisfaction with Mugabe dynasty’s misrule.
In expelling Mutsvangwa, Mashonaland West deputy provincial chairperson Keith Guzah said: “We find Cde Chris Mutsvangwa’s utterances about conflating the institution of marriage and that of the State to be exactly the same in meaning and import as the outrageous bedroom coup remarks that got Jabulani Sibanda expelled from the party.”

Doesn’t this sound shallow? Why should anyone who questions leadership failures be branded a traitor? Was Sibanda (former war veterans leader) wrong when he said Grace had staged a bedroom coup? And has Kasukuwere, by virtue of being close to the First Family, suddenly become immune to criticism? Charamba should be smiling all the way home.

Amazing DStv can’t provide good pictures due to rain

Muckraker recently ran a competition for unsuitable usages. First by a long mark was the secretaries office with “I have no idea” when asked when their boss would be back.

This would follow numerous pleas for clarification. At the international level there was an avalanche of “of course”.
This invariably comes during or at the outset of a news bulletin. It is so common that viewers on BBC are expected to know something about their bulletins before they are broadcast.

There is also the DStv claim that they are not responsible for the weather conditions which assail the network. These are blamed on weather conditions elsewhere. A long way elsehwhere it would seem.

It is amazing that in this day and age DStv can’t provide a good picture because it is raining outside!

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