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Nssa loses money in computer deal

INFORMATION Technology (IT) company Twenty Third Century Systems (TTCS) is struggling to complete the computerisation of the National Social Security Authority (Nssa) project which commenced two years ago after the company won a US$10 million tender to do the project.

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TTCS commenced work on October 31, 2013, but has not completed the project which was supposed to be carried out within a year. The development has resulted in project cost escalation.

The company was supposed to replace old Nssa front-end systems with the systems, applications and products (SAP) social security system, which would result in improved service delivery.

Nssa Chairman Robin Vela this week said his board was concerned by the delay and had since released its IT executive for failing to implement the project.

“Remember we are not able to improve our service delivery if we do not have this IT system, you talk of biometrics, ensuring security of investments, benefits and pensions being paid and that is all driven by IT,” he said

Asked to explain the delay Vela said: “It is the bone of our contention, which is why we released the IT executive because of failure to deliver that project.”

He added: “The project is being significantly delayed, it has been more than a year now and with its cost it should have not been delayed that much.

“The delay is going to cost Nssa more money as there are other costs that come in such as hardware and they are being charged as we go along.”

He said the reason the project was delayed was unknown to him as there has always been a blame-game between Nssa and TTCS.

Vela said Nssa had engaged TTCS over the delay and would cancel the project if the company fails to deliver before the end of the year.

Nssa’s abridged audited financial statements for the year ended December 31, 2014, contradicts what is on the ground as the results point to significant progress.

“Significant progress has been made on replacement of the old NSSA front-end systems with the SAP social security system. Though delayed, the supplier has since successfully the business blueprints documents for the initial 3 core modules of Nssa business namely employer and employee registration, Billing and Compliance and Benefits processing,” the statement says.

“Preparations for the deployment of these modules are in progress.” Customisation and Acceptance Testing of the Benefits Processing modules were said to be in progress. The building of a mirror disaster recovery centre was also said to be in progress.”

The statement also says that Head Office data centre was successfully upgraded with data centre infrastructure which is now operational.

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