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Can Cuthbert Dube save his property, Zifa position?

Zifa president Cuthbert Dube comes face- to-face with destiny in the next two days as he attempts — against odds — to save both his Waterfalls property and his position at the helm of Zimbabwean football.

By Kevin Mapasure

For the last three days Dube has been engaging CBZ Bank through his lawyers to convince the institution to reverse its decision to auction his house which was used as colateral for the bank to release funds to Zifa.

Zifa failed to service the debt,which stood at US$1,5 million as of December 2013, but has ballooned to US$2 million with interest.

According to the latest government gazette the house, which sits on a piece of land measuring almost 10 000 square metres, is scheduled to be auctioned today but until yesterday Dube was discussing with both government and bank officials in an attempt to save his property. To add insult to injury, the association that Dube was “helping” by putting his house up as collateral, is ready to kick him out tomorrow. He feels there is lack of gratitude towards his “benevolence”.

“It’s so painful that you work hard all your life and after helping your nation you end up losing personal property,” said a dejected Dube in an interview this week.

After surviving two earlier attempts by Zifa councillors to force him out, in both cases on a technicality, those working on his dismissal are likely to be more thorough this time.

Dube, however, is pulling all stops to avert attempts at dismissal and he is ready to do what many have been telling him to do — fire general secretary Jonathan Mashingaidze.

“The time has come now for each one of us to be judged according to our works. I will not be sacrifised for other people’s sins. I have been accused of protecting Mashingaidze, but I have no reason to. I have not taken any money from Zifa. In fact, I have pumped in a lot of money,” Dube said. The Zifa board will meet today before tomorrow’s indaba and they could seal Mashingaidze’s fate before theirs comes up for discussion. Zifa councillors have been unhappy with the way Mashingaidze has been conducting the association’s day-to-day business. The are also unhappy with the manner income raised during the
Warriors — Guinea match was used.

Most of the board members are facing dismissal but they hope firing Mashingaidze will save them. The Warriors, Guniea income and expenditure audit which revealed abuse of funds, has implicated some board members and the secretariat led by Mashingaidze. Dube is ready to see Mashingaidze’s back in order to save himself.

“It’s entirely up to the councillors whoelected me as they can also get rid of me. But my question is, however, why? What have I done wrong? I am going there with an open mind and will accept whatever is decided.”he said.

While he conceded that firing Mashingaidze on the eve of the big indaba could be tricky he could still throw that card and pull the trigger, if there is hard evidence against the secretariat.

“We will have a board meeting before the EGM and we will discuss among other things the audit report and if Mashingaidze is found on the wrong side, I will propose that he be fired,” Dube said.

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