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[SPONSORED] The smart and safe way to insure online

It can be a scary world out there for consumers who are buying online for the first time. Customers

are right to be highly sensitive and seek reassurance from their service providers about how safe

their financial and personal transaction details are. At zimselector.com we understand just how

deep these consumer concerns are, and will go the extra mile to assure every customer just how

seriously their protection is being taken by our organisation. So you can rest assured that all your

online insurance and investment transactions are secure and your money is totally safe.

Here are some answers to the most important questions any customer should have when

transacting online ….

Is this a bona fide organisation?

With the economic environment being so tough and money being so hard to make, everyone wants

to know that the organisation they are spending their money through is a solid and viable

establishment, and not a virtual internet based operation with no faces or offices. ZimSelector.com

is every bit a bona fide organisation registered with under the Companies Act for Zimbabwe. In

addition, we are registered with the Insurance and Pensions Commission as a Multiple Insurance

Agent. We are also compliant with the regulations of the RBZ who have vetted our services to

ensure that we comply with their online payments and anti money laundering regulations. We have

a vibrant customer services, marketing and back office team based in Msasa whilst the resources

that manage the web platform and database are based in the UK.

How secure is my transaction?

You will never need to worry about the possibility of your transactions being compromised on

ZimSelector,com and that is because you enjoy the best of both worlds. Since your data is being

hosted in the UK, we are must comply with their data security and privacy laws which are of the

highest international standards. In Zimbabwe your data and our operations must at all times be

compliant with the regulations of the RBZ. All financial transactions are protected by Thawte

security certificate, which is auditable by contacting Thawte, an industry leader in the security space.

Where is my data being stored?

The web service and primary customer database is located in a Tier One data center in the United

Kingdom, and this means that you are assured of the highest availability standards, full disaster

recovery and robust intrusion detection/prevention security. You are also guarantied fast and

reliable broadband to ensure that you can access the site from any place in the world at any time of

day to use our service. A subset of data is kept locally in Zimbabwe to ensure that we can provide

fast and efficient customer service and reporting.

Trusted brands and service providers?

We are very proud to provide our customers with the opportunity to compare and buy products

from the most trusted brands in the industry. We nurture our strategic partnerships and maintain

close liaison with them to ensure that our customers receive the best possible service. We will

continue to explore opportunities to make the best selection of products and providers available to

our customers.

How capable are the people behind this system?

Zimselector.com team is lead by Luke Ngwerume, a doyen of the financial services industry in

his own right, flanked by a team who collectively have 150 years of experience between

them in the financial services and technology sector in this country and abroad. Their

experience spans across insurance, banking, investments ICT and marketing. They have deep

insights into financial products and their distribution and customer servicing in the financial

sector. ZimSelector’s technology partners ,Total Systems UK have a wealth of experience as a

provider of Insurance Solutions to some of the UKs leading providers.

So after reading all this, don’t even blink with hesitation before considering whether you should join

the wave of smart people that are enjoying the ease and convenience of buying insurance and

investments online. Log on to www.zimselector.com away to safe transacting.

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