4 thoughts on “Nssa flushes US$2m down the drain”

  1. Rodney says:

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  2. welly says:

    This real goes a long way to show grossly mismanaged this country has become.This doing’s done wantonly in the full glare of the regime which claimes good governancy acumen.I’ve always wondered&questioned the stunt of it(regime)of imposing if not coercing nssa into taxpayers’ throats.So disgusted&nauseated with this regime to the marrow!

  3. Hapana Njito says:

    Well well welly
    Wait till you are 60 and penniless. That’s when you will realize that a NSSA pension is what stands between you and starvation. As it is you have a monthly salary but it is going to dry up at 60.

  4. Jiminy Cricket says:

    What does it matter if it is a wetland. The wetland opposite OGs sports club is being developed at full speed. This is Zimbabwe. Capitalism above all else.

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