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Nikon Corporation enters Zim market

JAPANESE company, Nikon Corporation widely known for production of good quality cameras says the Zimbabwean market has accepted its brand despite the liquidity crunch characterising the economy.

Hazel Ndebele

Nikon brand, which was officially launched in the country this week, partnered with a local distribution company, Solid Visions Technologies. Solid Visions Technologies is also a distributor for Epson, an international electronics company.

In an interview on the side lines of launch in the capital this week, Nikon Regional Head of Sales and Marketing Narendra Menon said: “Nikon is already in 29 African countries and we have spread our wings to Zimbabwe because we feel it is now stable in accepting new brands and it has the potential to contribute significantly to the group’s performance in Africa.”

Menon said his company would in the next six months consider setting up an assembly plant in the country.

“We have a lot of programmes lined up. Nikon will in the next three months hold a dealership seminar upon which the group will consider among other issues the possibilities of establishing a plant in Zimbabwe,” he said, adding, “Very soon you will see Nikon themed shops mostly dominated by our yellow colour, we encourage all photo stores and companies who are interested in our branding to come through.”

Part of the long term plans for Nikon include the setting up of a Nikon school, which will teach wildlife photography and wedding photography and all photography related programmes.

Solid Visions Business Development Manager Tendai Chingondo said despite the liquidity challenges in Zimbabwe the company has managed to make available products at moderate prices.

“The end user will benefit in terms of stock availability and good price, currently most good cameras are above US$130 whereas Nikon cameras will cost US$100 and below.”

“Nikon has brought investment in the country because we will be bringing the products through the proper channel there by paying tax and duty which will increase revenues for government.”
He said Nikon is the vendor while Solid Visions will be the distributor.

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