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[SPONSORED] Zimselector.com! A new online way of shopping around for financial products

IF you are thinking of restocking your wardrobe by buying a new pair of shoes, shirt, dress or a new handbag, as the case may be, how would you go about buying such items?

I would venture to say that you would go and look around various shops selling similar products of your choice and compare prices and quality to ensure that you get value for money or get the best of what’s on offer.  You would then compare the prices of your target products before you decide to buy a new pair of shoes, dress, jacket or handbag.

You would almost invariably go to a shopping centre or mall where you know you would be able to find similar shops selling similar products, like for like, so that you have a chance to window shop first, before making your move.  This would remove the stress of covering long distances to make your comparative shopping.

Zimselector.com, the first platform of its kind in Zimbabwe, is an online shopping mall where you can shop around for various financial products from reputable providers in very much the same way as you would do in shopping around for tangible goods as described above.

In short, Zimselector.comis an online “shopping centre”, which allows you to buy insurance products, (for example, car, household and travel insurance, medical cover, life assurance, including funeral cover) and many other financial products.  It allows you to compare and get instant quotes for products offered by leading financial institutions in Zimbabwe and concluding a purchase online in a matter of minutes!

There are many benefits of using the Zimselector.com platform.  For example, it is easy to use; it’s accessible 24/7’s; 365 days in a year.  In addition, you can use it from the comfort of your home or whilst on the move on a mobile device!


The Zimselector.complatform dispenses with the need of having to physically go round from one financial institution to the next, or phoning around in order to get the best quotation.  It saves youvaluable time!

Financial institutions showcasing their products on the Zimselector.com platform are formidable brands that have withstood the test of time.  These include CABS, CBZ, CIMAS, Fidelity, Nicoz Diamond, Old Mutual, Old Mutual Insurance Company (formerly RM Insurance Company), and the Zimnat Group.

The Zimselector.com platform has been deliberately constructed and benchmarked to international standards.  For example, it has been designed to very high security standards, which means that you can make online transactions confidently andconcludeyour payments securely, giving you great peace of mind!

Finally, there is now an exponential growth, demand and use forsuch  platforms as Zimselector.com, world over. Such platforms are well established in countries such as South Africa, the UK and the USA, to mention but a few.

So, why don’t you log onto www.zimselector.comtoday? Give it a go and experience a newand efficient way of buying your financial products online.  We would love to hear how you got on!

For more information, or if you have any comments, please contact our Customer Services Team at customerservices@zimselector.com or phone us on +263 4 480817.

Good surfing on www.zimselector.com until next time!

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