Angolan leader’s daughter firms up Telecel interest

ANGOLAN President Eduardo dos Santos’ multibillionaire daughter Isabel is firming up her interest in the telecommunications sector as she recently sent her representatives to discuss investment opportunities with government officials, Zimbabwe Independent has learnt.

Kudzai Kuwaza

The businesswoman’s representatives were reportedly in the country two weeks ago and met with senior government officials from the Ministry of Information Communication Technology, Postal and Courier Services to discuss investment opportunities, sources said.

“Madam Isabel Dos Santos’ representatives including her chief protocol officer were in the country to discuss opportunities in the telecoms sector at the ministry’s offices,” a source revealed.

Although details of the meeting were sketchy, Isabel’s company Unitel S.A is believed to be interested in acquiring a stake in Telecoms giant Telecel, whose local operation is hotly contested by a motley group of shareholders.

Isabel herself was in the country recently where she held meetings with several senior government officials.

“She was in the country and had a number of meetings but left on the same day,” an insider privy to her visit said.

ICT deputy minister Win Mlambo would neither confirm nor deny meeting Dos Santos’ representatives.

“There are quite a number of investors interested in the telecoms sector,” Mlambo said. “It is normal for there to be such interest because it is a lucrative business.”

Isabel is considered by Forbes magazine to be the richest woman in Africa with a fortune worth of over US$3,3 billion.

Isabel already has interests in a number of telecoms businesses mainly in Portugal and Angola.

According to international media reports, she has interests in Portugal where she owns close to 7% of oil and gas firm GalpEnergia along with Portuguese billionaire Americo Amorim, and has a controlling stake in Portuguese cable TV and telecom firm Nos SGPS.

Media reports indicate she made a US$1,5 billion bid for Portugal Telecom (PT) SGPS SA, a company that owns a 25,7% stake in Brazilian telecom operator Oi.

10 thoughts on “Angolan leader’s daughter firms up Telecel interest”

  1. Munyaradzi says:

    Thief? This is an investor. What’s wrong with that. She has experience and the money, really which telencephalon clearly needs.

  2. george bachinche says:

    She went to the prestigious London school of Economics. she does business in Portugal. Only envious Zimbabweans can call such people a thief.

  3. jojo says:

    A thief is a thief, period!

  4. ndini uya uya chiye says:

    eg if Bona goes to Somalia and wants to invest in a mobile phone company..even if she learnt ku harvard business school… aint she a thief.

    they still from thier people vana Do santos ivava

    thief is a thief..

  5. Binding says:

    let them sort out the shareholding problem before accepting new investors

  6. Blessing says:

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  7. ???? says:

    Probably with money looted in Anglola

    1. gutter poet says:

      Africa’s richest lady…I suppose no one knows how she made her billions except for the fact that she is the duaghter of the president who was accused by the UN sometime back of simphoning his counry’s oil wealth. Some investor…

  8. fear me says:

    Like grace/bona/chiyangwa etc this Angolan criminal will be hunted down like equatorial guinea nguema plundering cabal

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