Let’s resist Mugabe dynasty: Gumbo

A GROUP calling itself the “original and real Zanu PF” comprising mostly of disgruntled Zanu PF members expelled, suspended or demoted before and after the party’s controversial congress last December says it will not form a new political party to challenge President Robert Mugabe but will instead continue to fight for democracy, constitutionalism and ensure that the former liberation movement is not turned into a Gushungo dynasty.

Faith Zaba

In an interview with the Zimbabwe Independent on Wednesday, former Zanu PF spokesperson Rugare Gumbo said their lawyers were currently consolidating their court case challenging the legality of the December congress to make sure it is water-tight in order to restore normalcy in Zanu PF.

Gumbo said former secretary for administration Didymus Mutasa would soon file the court papers through which the group is seeking to have the courts declare null and void the resolutions adopted by the congress, among them amendments to the party constitution to give Mugabe power to appoint the entire politburo including two vice-presidents.

He said a legal team, which includes the country’s top constitutional lawyers, is finalising the court papers which Mutasa would file as soon as they give him the go-ahead.

“We have no plans to form a new political party. What I can say is that Zanu PF is currently split and we are the original and real Zanu PF and the other is a Zanu PF of mafikizolos (johnny-come-latelies) that emerged at the illegal congress in December,” he said.

“However, what we are saying is that there is need to find a formula to harmonise Zanu PF — a Zanu PF based on the original democratic principles, ethos and values. The court action is going ahead. There may have been some delays but it is coming.

“We have decided to take the matter to the courts because there is no other recourse for resolving the internal problems. People are dismissed willy-nilly without following due process or being given the right to respond. They are not given any warning prior to the dismissals.”

Sixteen ministers, including former vice-president Joice Mujuru, have so far been fired for alleged incompetence and corruption even though the real reason is factionalism. Gumbo accused Mugabe of being a “hypocrite” who wants to give the impression that he is democratic, respects the party constitution and believes in allowing party supporters to speak frankly and openly at meetings such as the politburo.

Gumbo said Mugabe is the opposite as he does not tolerate criticism which he sees as a threat to his hold on power.

“Mugabe talks about democracy while at the same time he does not practise it. It is regrettable that it has taken us so long to speak out about this,” he said.

“I, however, articulated this in 1980 when I indicated that the people of Zimbabwe will suffer under Mugabe’s rule and indeed they are now suffering. It is not a secret that I said this and I stand by what I said.”

In an interview in 1980 on the eve of Zimbabwe’s Independence, Gumbo said Mugabe uses people and dumps them when they have served his purpose.

He said Mugabe used people like Joshua Nkomo and presidents of the (then) Frontline States (a group of southern African states formed in 1970 that supported the fight against apartheid in South Africa) to build himself up, then he tried to destroy them.

“He cares nothing for the people or the country. All he cares about is Mugabe… I am also afraid — for my people and for my country,” Gumbo was quoted saying in the interview.

Gumbo told the Independent that the problem is that Zanu PF leaders, especially Mugabe, have lost their way.

“It has become a battle for power. The clique around him has discovered they can capitalise on his age and his love for power,” he said.

Asked why they are only speaking out now after they were fired, Gumbo said: “One of the reasons is that you had to be part of the team. But this can only go to the extent your conscience allows you.

“You keep hoping that by sharing ideas things will change. We tried to criticise these things internally, privately and sometimes publicly. It is really unfortunate because if we had been more vocal a long time ago, we would not be in this mess, but there was fear and that sort of fear still exists.

“We are making this court challenge not for our benefit but for the sake of our children, grandchildren and Zimbabweans as a whole. We are mobilising at cell level to restore in Zanu PF democratic principles we fought for.

“We don’t believe in the creation of a Mugabe dynasty in Zanu PF. We fought for the freedom of all Zimbabweans to engage in politics and business and prosperity.”

13 thoughts on “Let’s resist Mugabe dynasty: Gumbo”

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  2. Freedom4Zim says:

    Let us just make one thing clear to Gumbo et al. It is good you are standing up but you were all part of the problem and never said or did anything. It was ok to rig elections until they were rigged against you lot. Repent and confess. But the name of ZPF, once respected, has become a dirty word. Drop it and find something different. I for one will never trust any party called by that name or remotely attached to that name!

    1. Survivor says:

      Why pick on Gumbo only? Virtually every Shona who is currently aged 40 and above was part of ZANU PF and is equally culpable. It shouldn’t be a case of when one left ZANU PF – the fact remains, ZANU PF consolidated its hold on power in the 1980s after destroying the then one and only strongest opposition party in the land, PF ZAPU with the help of virtually every Shona. After 1990, it had become clear that that ZANU PF was now just too strong to dislodge. They had penetrated all facets of Zim life and put their cronies everywhere in position of power and influence; nothing could be done. Except for the very few who were remained with Muzorewa, ZUM, Ndabaningi Sithole, and the Forum party – virtually every Shona speaking person who is 40 years old and above is guilty of running Zimbabwe!

  3. Wezhira says:

    Oh please Gumbo speaks about democracy is He democratic? Was it democratic to impose Joice Mujuru in 2004 against the wishes of 8 provinces? Was it democratic to dissolve the DCC’s for not supporting Joice Mujuru? Was it democratic to rig the provincial elections of 2013? A thief complaining about another thief stealing from him will not get sympathy…..Gumbo et al are pissed at being outplayed by ED,Mugabe,Jona&Saviour….They say no to Mugabe dynasty but suported Mujuru bedroom coup since 2004? Nonsense mhani especially from Gumbo……Since 1977 this fool has been a sore loser who thinks he is God’s gift to zimbabwe….

    1. Survivor says:

      When you all supported ZANU PF; was it democratic to bit up PF ZAPU supporters and almost kill Joshua Nkomo before he fled the country? Was it democratic to arrest Muzorewa over flimsy charges until he went on a hunger strike? Many people pointing fingers to Gumbo are not that innocent either. Some of us have long memories!

  4. wezhira says:

    Rugare we support you 100 percent, one thing for sure is that Zimbabweans are suffering because of this man

  5. Zygy Greg says:

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  6. nehoreka says:

    I for one applaud the efforts of these old men. Better late than never. With the levels of poverty in our country, I still don’t understand how we still keep such corrupt and inept people in office. Mugabe and company are destroying our country becoz of Mutasa, Gumbo, and all of us Zimbabweans. These thieves are just taking advantage of our fear to confront them even though they know 73% of the population don’t want them, that’s why they don’t care. Tsvangirayi was let down by the ZanuPF agents planted in his party from its formation, so let Gumbo and Mutasa give Bob a run for his power timboona kwavanosvitsana. Becoz at this stage in our country no one, besides Itayi dzamara, is ready to confront the monster head on. I will continue to use my X as my voice kusvika zvanaka and come 2018 me and my wife will still vote chematama.

    1. Survivor says:

      Agreed. All opposition against the ZANU PF thugs should be supported. Blaming people for having been part of ZANU PF will not help. All strategies, all support should be welcomed!

  7. Matinga says:

    The partially blind limping donkey must not be allowed to rest. His time is coming to an end pretty fast! He has always been abusing pple and dumping or killing them. From the likes of Tongo, Rex Nhongo, Tekere, Dzino, and many other comrades. Now he is gettng his fair share of the cake. musamurega! tight marking chaiyo until he is fully blind neshungu!

  8. Kufandada says:

    Rugare Gumbo and Didymus Mutasa may seem to be fighting for themselves,but if their actions weaken Mugabe’s hold on power,then other democratic forces must support them.Mugabe must practice democracy in his party and in the country,and not to continue rig internal as well as national elections.The country has wasted 35 years in continual strife instread of building our agriculture and industry.Imagine where our GDP would be now if agriculture had not been interfered with.Whole towns like Chegutu,Rusape and Chinhoyi which recycles agricultural cash have now become flea towns.Are people in ZanuPF blind?

    1. Survivor says:

      Exactly. The exact motives of Mutasa and Gumbo should not be an issue right now. The urgency of now is to pull all anti-Mugabe forces together and deal with him once and for all!

  9. Wilbert Mukori says:

    Zanu PF is a party of thugs and now the thugs are after each other’s throat. The party is imploding and that can only be good for us all!

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