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Zanu PF feasts on the flesh of its comrades

At last the Kampepe/Dikgang report has emerged in South Africa after several years of hibernation. For some time it went missing and could not be traced until it fetched up in the President’s office (actually several times there).


The report tells the tale of the two judges who investigated the 2002 election which was marred by violence and manipulation.

The result was not credible free nor fair, it said. But civil society says it was all three. And for 20 years they have consistently been true to their goal. The two men are distinguished jurists.

Needless to say Zimbabwe’s official media has attacked it as a “nullity” even though it stated what every Zimbabwean already knows: that the 2002, like subsequent others, was rigged.

The fact remains this is a vital document illustrating the criminal character of the country’s behaviour in elections. Mugabe survives on Nikuving elections — it’s common cause.

Someone must write a manual on how to rig elections based on Mugabe’s model.

Terror gang

Reminiscent of 2002 and 2008, victims of political violence are allegedly fleeing their homes in Mashonaland East Province for fear of brutal attacks from the ousted provincial chairperson Ray Kaukonde and his “terror gang”.

Members of Zanu PF, who claim they were being persecuted for participating in a demonstration in support of President Robert Mugabe in Marondera recently, while calling for the removal of Kaukonde from the helm of the party’s provincial structures, have found refuge at Zanu PF offices in the same town.

While Zanu PF used to claim it was a party that upholds values of peace, labelling the then formidable MDC as champions of violence, the truth has now been laid bare for all to see.

The burning house of Zanu PF has suddenly declared Kaukonde as the number one enemy, whose wrath reportedly even led to the death of another Zanu PF supporter from Uzumba this week, Leonard Chisaka, who hanged himself after been constantly pursued by other members who were baying for his blood.

Watch out

Won’t Kaukonde, fingered in all these atrocities find himself being dragged to the courts for murder, rape, corruption, among other charges, certainly being used to silence him in the political circles?

Remember this is the man who the First Lady Grace Mugabe openly branded Vice-President Joice Mujuru’s main player in the game earmarked to depose Mugabe from presidency.

Kaukonde must watch out before he finds himself rotting in the dungeon for crimes he could not have committed.

Zanu PF supporters housed at the provincial headquarters in Marondera also said Kaukonde’s “terror gang” was using vehicles without number plates, reminding the majority of Zimbabweans of the era during past elections in which opposition members were abducted, maimed and killed in cold blood. Think of the way the likes of MDC supporters such as Tonderai Ndira were murdered in 2008.

Interestingly, the same perpetrators of violence are finding it newsworthy when Zanu PF vultures are now feasting on the flesh of their “die-hard” comrades.

As they say Zanu PF ndeyeropa!

Tired of giving in?

Isn’t the so-called resistance by Kaukonde to be unceremoniously booted out based on the spirit of his tiredness to give in?

American civil rights activist Rosa Parks, whose name rose to stardom in 1955 for refusing to give up her seat in a bus for white person in what developed into the famous Montgomery Bus Boycott in Alabama, said the main motive behind her gesture was: “I was tired of giving in.”

Reactions to political mental torture could be driving the scuffles afflicting Mashonaland East today. Mugabe and his loyal cadres, who belong to Justice minister Emmerson Mnangagwa must begin to ask themselves, won’t these ousted Zanu PF top officials and their supports feel tired of simply giving in? Muckraker insists — no purging this time around will simply end in peace, Zimbabweans must brace for unintended consequences and terrible outcomes.


Toppled Zanu PF Mashonaland West province chairperson Temba Mliswa reportedly garnered enough votes to qualify into the party’s central committee.

However, his electoral victory was turned down by the powers that be in Zanu PF. Mliswa was thus disqualified while the likes of Phillip Chiyangwa found the going easy. Decimation of democratic values in Zanu PF must leave the majority worried for this is the same party that is supposed to deliver democracy and justice to all citizens. When the masses choose their own candidate, why should individuals be empowered nullify that choice.

Isn’t it that democracy is governance for the people, by the people and about the people?

Mliswa has the backing of the masses, why should he be denied the honour after the masses have spoken? In Mashonaland West it appears Local Government minister Ignatius Chombo, Mugabe’s nephew Patrick Zhuwawo and Chiyangwa, among a host of others entrenching tyranny in Zimbabwe, are there to think on behalf of ordinary citizens. Democracy is indisputably on its death bed in the ruling party. Come 2018.


And allegations against Mujuru continue to mount. What fate awaits her at the party’s congress next week? Will the congress claim her scalp and change the political landscape of Zimbabwe? That she was barred from contesting for a central committee position, her future as the vice-president of the party and the country is bleak.

What should perhaps be comforting her is that it’s clear most of the stories in the state-controlled media about her are a mixture of half-truths, fabrication and lies.

For instance, the Daily News further showed yesterday the Herald has a sinister agenda against Mujuru by exposing the manipulation and hollowness of its story on 2012 accident concerning Chipo Mujuru-Makoni. The police showed in the Daily News there was no cover up as claimed in the Herald. It’s clear most of the Herald stories on Mujuru are based on a malicious agenda and unethical journalism. That’s what happens when journalists become factional or political activists.


Just when the nation thought President Robert Mugabe could not be adulated any further, just when we thought we have seen every level of bootlicking available to man, we were proved wrong yet again.

The African Council for Distance Education awarded Mugabe with the scholar of the century. From 1914 to 2014, Mugabe was the best scholar, the bogus outfit would have us believe. This is ridiculous.

Surely this drivel is an insult to our intelligence! Especially when it is awarded to one who has brought the country to its knees through ruinous policies and has reduced the majority of the country’s citizens to alarming levels of destitution.

As Moliere once said, “there is nothing I (Muckraker — my emphasis) detest so much as the contortions of these great time-and-lip servers, these affable dispensers of meaningless embraces, these obliging utterers of empty words, who view everyone in civilities — the bootlickers”.

Short and Sweet

Mahoso, Mupepereki, Chivaura — ZBC TV’s arrested development actors

Television viewers who find little time to watch the programme Zvavanhu on ZBC TV must be wondering what nature of studies did the three academics attain that taught them the best way to churn out intellectual garbage, not even ideal for pre-school consumption.

Sheunesu Mupepereki, Tafataona Mahoso and Vimbai (European)Chivaura, in one of their recent episodes, claimed Mugabe was like Jesus Christ who was crucified for trying to liberate his people.

They likened those opposed to his rule as rebels who were abandoning the enlightened path out of greedy.

Well, it is not greed but the economic rot and the discovery that time is ripe for the suppressed masses to be set free from Mugabe’s bondage of dictatorship which is making people rebellious.

After his arrest in Birmingham, a renowned leader of the civil rights movement in the US Martin Luther King said: “No man can set the timetable for another man’s freedom.”

The desire for freedom is spontaneous and determined by the environment.

The instinct is thus inevitable. Why should it be wrong for anyone, even someone on the streets, to declare an ambition to be a president of the country?

Mahoso, Mupepereki and Chivaura should realise degrees alone don’t make up a wise mind — progressive conscience should be informing political culprits to quit politics and take a rest for the sake of ordinary people’s well-being.

It’s so sad that individuals and institutions are stampeding to honour someone who has proved to be a disaster. A clear case of arrested intellectual development.

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