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Gumbo savages faltering Mugabe

SUSPENDED former Zanu PF spokesperson Rugare Gumbo says his party is facing a grave leadership crisis, and Zimbabwe’s economic woes are a manifestation of that problem as the current government, led by President Robert Mugabe, has no clue on how to resolve issues affecting the majority of the people.

Elias Mambo

Speaking in an exclusive interview with the Zimbabwe Independent at his base in Gweru this week, Gumbo said the country has an incoherent and directionless leadership that is power-hungry.

“We have a serious leadership crisis and the whole world is aware of that. We have a leadership that is disjointed, a leadership that has no focus on how to resolve major issues. We have a leadership that is power-hungry and will do anything to subvert the will of the people,” Gumbo said.

“They want to remain leaders forever at the expense of the suffering majority. It is an unfocused leadership that is concerned with its own interests, not addressing the concerns of the people.”

Gumbo, a prominent veteran of the liberation struggle, said Mugabe (almost 91) has virtually lost control of the party as he has allowed power-hungry opportunists to push for illegal party constitutional amendments and purges to accommodate themselves.

“Mugabe has lost direction and he is being used by power hungry people. He has practically lost control of the party. He should not have allowed the First Lady to attack long-time comrades like that; and that on its own shows he is no longer in control. He has no vision. You cannot bulldoze amendments to the constitution so that it fits into what opportunists want.

“He has to respect the constitution. How can a leader who is in charge allow illegal purges of elected provincial executives like that. It means he is detached from the people. He is not the one controlling those provinces anymore and this should ring a bell that it’s time for change of leadership.”

Before his suspension Gumbo demanded that congress must resolve the succession issue next week.

A fortnight ago Gumbo was suspended from Zanu PF and since then a number of party heavyweights aligned to Mujuru have been removed. Sources said the motion was moved after Mugabe went on a tirade attacking Gumbo, whom he accused of being the architect of a plot to remove him and internal upheavals.

However, Gumbo dismissed all the suspensions and removals as illegal and uncalled- for as the party prepares for its congress which he says will be a “sham”.

“Those suspensions and removals are illegal.

They are unwarranted, they are unfair, uncalled for and they do not consider the contributions of those people to the struggle and development of this country. Zimbabweans want real issues to be resolved and not for us to remain as prisoners of fear. The succession issue is wreaking havoc with the turnaround of this economy. It cannot be ignored,” said Gumbo. See interview on Page 4.

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