Gumbo savages faltering Mugabe


SUSPENDED former Zanu PF spokesperson Rugare Gumbo says his party is facing a grave leadership crisis, and Zimbabwe’s economic woes are a manifestation of that problem as the current government, led by President Robert Mugabe, has no clue on how to resolve issues affecting the majority of the people.

Elias Mambo

Speaking in an exclusive interview with the Zimbabwe Independent at his base in Gweru this week, Gumbo said the country has an incoherent and directionless leadership that is power-hungry.

“We have a serious leadership crisis and the whole world is aware of that. We have a leadership that is disjointed, a leadership that has no focus on how to resolve major issues. We have a leadership that is power-hungry and will do anything to subvert the will of the people,” Gumbo said.

“They want to remain leaders forever at the expense of the suffering majority. It is an unfocused leadership that is concerned with its own interests, not addressing the concerns of the people.”

Gumbo, a prominent veteran of the liberation struggle, said Mugabe (almost 91) has virtually lost control of the party as he has allowed power-hungry opportunists to push for illegal party constitutional amendments and purges to accommodate themselves.

“Mugabe has lost direction and he is being used by power hungry people. He has practically lost control of the party. He should not have allowed the First Lady to attack long-time comrades like that; and that on its own shows he is no longer in control. He has no vision. You cannot bulldoze amendments to the constitution so that it fits into what opportunists want.

“He has to respect the constitution. How can a leader who is in charge allow illegal purges of elected provincial executives like that. It means he is detached from the people. He is not the one controlling those provinces anymore and this should ring a bell that it’s time for change of leadership.”

Before his suspension Gumbo demanded that congress must resolve the succession issue next week.

A fortnight ago Gumbo was suspended from Zanu PF and since then a number of party heavyweights aligned to Mujuru have been removed. Sources said the motion was moved after Mugabe went on a tirade attacking Gumbo, whom he accused of being the architect of a plot to remove him and internal upheavals.

However, Gumbo dismissed all the suspensions and removals as illegal and uncalled- for as the party prepares for its congress which he says will be a “sham”.

“Those suspensions and removals are illegal.

They are unwarranted, they are unfair, uncalled for and they do not consider the contributions of those people to the struggle and development of this country. Zimbabweans want real issues to be resolved and not for us to remain as prisoners of fear. The succession issue is wreaking havoc with the turnaround of this economy. It cannot be ignored,” said Gumbo. See interview on Page 4.

41 thoughts on “Gumbo savages faltering Mugabe”

  1. Damit says:

    So you were blind to all this when you were spokesperson.Hypocrite!

  2. dofo says:

    Botswana Quick Facts:
    Population:1.9 million; GDP (PPP): $31.5 billion; 2.7% 5-year compound annual growth; $16,820 per capita; Unemployment:17.8%.

    Zimbabwe; Quick Facts
    Population:13.0 million; GDP (PPP): $7.2 billion; 2.5% 5-year compound annual growth; $559 per capita; Unemployment: 95.0%

    1. Rings says:

      Sour grapes Mr. Gumbo, just go silently you are no better than the people you are now accusing….Just go go go, away. Rather go and spend quality time wit your mzukurus or if you don’t go and buy some dolls and play with them. You are just a delusioned, disappointed, desponded, depressed, diminished, desparate person. I am sick and tired of people of your ilk. You deserve it, where were you when your part was busy intimidating, maiming, and killing innocent individuals. You think people have short memory like you…No, no dont try to get sympathy from us….Just hamba uyesuzela khatshana le, uyanginyanyisa wena mdala!!

    2. Tatenda says:

      Where did you get these statistics Dofo. Interesting information but it would make more sense if you could indicate the source of your information. For example Botswana population is now assessed by the United Nations as approaching the 2.5 million mark

    3. Francis says:

      UK FACTS:

      GDP (PPP) 2014 estimate
      – Total $2.435 trillion[5] (10th)
      – Per capita $37,744[5] (27th)

    4. Francis says:

      GDP (PPP) 2014 estimate
      – Total $2.435 trillion[5] (10th)
      – Per capita $37,744[5] (27th)

  3. TSVANGIRAI says:

    one of mugabe’s wives! nxaa, wakuzviona nhasi nekuti wadzingwa. pese apa waidii kuzvitaura. if the suspensions and expulsions are illigal why dont you take the party to court. hauna ka confidence ne court system because unoziva kuti you contributed in the dysfunctional of that system. Ndozvazvinoita mkoma. chasara kusungwa semakamboitwa kuhondo. dai murimumwe magarisika manyarara henyu. nhasi makumhanya kuma independent newspapers amaimbo blaster. you are complicit in creating this monster that you now dispise just because you are nolonger benefitting. i wouldny feel sorry for u. tsvatuwaro!

  4. matimba says:

    “They want to remain leaders forever at the expense of the suffering majority. It is an unfocused leadership that is concerned with its own interests, not addressing the concerns of the people.”

    It sounds like a young man who was never party of the looters said this. Shut up Gumbo

  5. Tembwe says:

    Whatever you say, Gumbo has always been fearless and outspoken in the party, hence his troubles with the powers-that-be. He speaks his mind without fear because he is one of the few clean politicians. If you have any evidence of his looting, present it to the nation.

    1. Rings says:

      Are you cock sure about that!

  6. melisa mlambo says:

    vagumbo vangu imi chireshe chaicho dai wanyarara zvako u remain as dull as ever since you were in Chimurenga war, wakutanga kuhukura izvozvi uri rema chairo

  7. just listen to the message and not the messenger. the man is saying the truth. the timing of the talk and the source is an argument of another day.

  8. chikara says:

    with all respect cde Gumbo u are part of the problem do u remember that u lost primary election and u still run for election the Winner Mr Shiri was suspended. u complain that they want to lead for ever how old are u. and lastly why did u not complain when Mujuru was made VP using the same process. dindingwe rino naka……………………………………………. move on let others leave

  9. tsoka says:

    I think some of the writers are unfair to this Dare Rechimurenga stalwart. Its only recently that this man has been readmitted to ZPF. His incarceration by ZPF in Moza points to his opposition to RGM and his leadership. Before he was fired he trod where other spokespersons had feared by forcing the succession issue to be at the fore of the ZPF debate. Remember it is a wise man who changes his mind depending on the circumstances and a fool never does regardless of changes in the situation. Sometimes when you are part of an organisation you dont always get your way but you persevere and try to draw other members to your strategy and thinking, that resulted in the Mujuru faction who wanted to change the ZPF leadership from within

  10. Seka Jaha says:

    The biggest problem with umdala u Gumbo is that he is angry. His otherwise useful message is diluted by the fact that he is speaking out of anger. Why speak too early I wonder? He has now been silenced in the party, therefore his message is of no use to them. Compounding this is the fact that he has a bad reputation of being a “sell out” making his message a vindication of his enemies in the party. Why doesn’t he let events take their course and when the party crumbles he can then make his statements?

  11. mapingu says:

    So. is it true that Gumbo & others have been burning mid-night candles strategizing how to remove this directionless/visionless leader – in the person of Mugabe?

    Surely, Zim’s economic and/or political problems did not start 2 wks ago after Gumbo & “co-conspirators'” removal from zanu pf positions. Mugabe lost his vision long back, assuming he had any at some point – which I doubt, though. In this, context it can only be true that the “visionary’ Gumbo & colleagues also realized it long back that Mugabe was a liability; and being the patriots they are claiming to be they may not have folded their hands.

    To that end, may be some, if not most, of the accusations about these guyz’ plans to dispose of their ‘visionless’ leader are true after all. Isnt it?

  12. MUDA says:

    Give it to him at least he was bold enough to state that succession was an issue to be discusse at politburo.

  13. Chenjerai Makudo says:

    I admire president Mugabe. He is the best teacher I have ever seen. How did Mr Gumbo come to know all this he is now telling us..the power hungry direction-less leaders with no clue on how to solve the socio-economic issues facing the masses?

    I thought Mr Gumbo himself is also too old for being among those directing the Zim-Ship, but he too was fighting HOPEFULLY to clinch control, NOT to give-up control of the Ship to new blood.

    The demon inside him has now been exorcised and, now coming around, Mr Gumbo realises the same realities people have been bemoaning of the leadership; him included.

    Sorry Mr Gumbo, to deserve any audience or pity, you ought to have resigned, NOT fired. Your incarceration in Mozambique and pseudo-opposition to President Mugabe is NOT a sign that you have clean hands or that you could see the peck in Mugabe’s eyes, BUT that you are naturally power-hungry and adept at defying authority, at whatever cost.

  14. Wezhira Wezhara says:

    I knew this guy would not be able to shut up….and he thinks people don’t know the truth just because ma journalists are covering for him manje isu tinomuziva Madyira….he is no revolutionary…Which camp was he trained kuhondo,in which year and by whom? Tomufumura mdara uyu?!! Which battle did he take part in? Private media you have bee. Hoodwinked by this hypocritical charlatan….

    1.Gumbo wants to rewrite history bcoz he was not imprisoned in Mozambique for opposing Mugabe but in fact his group endorsed Mugabe as President of ZANU but opposed Muzenda in favour of Hamadziripi who they felt was the more senior Karanga and they forced cadres who refused to join the rebellion to jump off a cliff to their deaths and the few that survived are crippled to this day…Ask Gumbo who cracked Ushewokunze’s skull…surprisingly they escaped death Bcoz Muzenda wacho pleaded for their lives and later for their readmission into the party after 1998.

    2.As for his looting go to Hwange and find out about the toll mining contracts and transport contracts he was fraudulently awarded when his factional acolytes Savanhu and Fred Moyo were still at the helm…..Ask him how he owns 4 farms instead of one?(Chiredzi,Mwenezi,Gweru&Chegutu)

    3.He speaks of disregarding the constitution of the party and unprocedural suspensions but was the constitutional amendment to reserve a a VP post for Mai Mujuru procedural? Was the disbanding of The anti Mujuru DCC’s constitutional?

    5. Was Mugabe in control when Gumbo and the late Nhongo approached Grace Mugabe to prevail upon him to support Mai Mujuru in 2004? Saka if u go to Grace it’s fine if others go Mugabe has lost control? Nxa

    6.He speaks of the Economic crisis as if he has suddenly woken up just because adzingwa? When he was uMinister of Economic Affairs(pause for laughter) and then Agriculture wamai yei iwe?!!!

    Gumbo must take leaf from Mai Mujuru,Mavhaire&co and realize kutGo quietly old man lest you lose more than your misplaced pride

  15. Do rotors says:

    We have been speaking that language since 2002 cde . If only you had joined the ship back them we might have salvaged a lot out lof this great nation of zim. But you were an accomplice and now feel cheated as things have not turned in your favor

  16. toussant says:

    Its politics comrade. You either win or lose as the saying goes “there is no honour among thieves”. sorry but that’s the way it is and will always be when people fight for power!

  17. Not really surprised Rugare has moved to his kumusha. The Presidents Office has long arms, so has Ngwenya. Mr Gumbo knows a lot about the dirt, just ref his whole input during the war, knows a wealth about the death of Josiah Tongogara too.I was told by the most impeccable criminal source years and years ago that Emmerson WILL be the next President because he will take it by force in the end. So I just wait until someone removes the possibility of Mnangagwa or the likes of Jonathan Moyo from the scenario.
    Zimbabwe needs a leader that has no personal ambition, no ego. It needs a person who will put the needs of his or her people first. First in every decision that is made “Will this be good for my people?”
    A person who can transform the 30000 strong army ( for a country who has no enemies? ) into a reconstructive workforce. A person who can address the health problem and the lack of basic needs, attract foreign Investment, curb the Chinese rampant rape of our resources, instigate complete transparency, prosecute all corruption, repatriate foreign assets for 5 years until the country is on its feet….
    At the moment there is no one certainly sitting in Parliament that can do that.

  18. What happened to my Comment?

    1. Tatenda says:


  19. Not surprised Gumbo has gone home it’ll be a little safer. I’d love to put him on the stand and force him to speak the truth on so many things: Chitepo,Tongogara…..
    I was told by an impeccable criminal source over 20 years ago that Mnangagwa WILL be the next boss because if he’s not voted in he ‘ll take it by force, he’s very, very thick with GOC and he expects it and it’ll be nigh impossible to stop, unless there’s avery brave man around.
    The man Zimbabwe needs is someone who wants no personal gain, who eschews ego. A person who wants only the love and respect of his fellow man. Who puts the needs of his people first. “Is this good for my people?” should dominate his thoughts in all situations. Someone who can transform a 30000 strong ZRA (Zimbabwe doesn’t even have any enemies?!) into an Army of Reconsruction. Repatriate all Foreign Bank Accounts for a 5 year period until the economy recovers. Attract Foreign Investment by pursuing a dictum of Transparency in all matters. Vigorously Prosecute all corruption past and present. Set up a Truth and Retribution Committee to investigate cases where Political assaults, murders and rapes have been committed including Gukhuruhundi and the elections. Make Clean Water an absolute priority , then Health and Education AND Educate to Enlighten.

  20. Shumba70 says:

    34 years since you were given a well organised country . You’ve wrecked it because of greed and the inability to look forward . We still hear statements about freedom fighters and revolutionaries ! As long as you continue to think backwards you’ll go backward Becayse sure aren’t moving forwards.

  21. Mkwati says:

    Wezhira Wezhira you can never be an independent analyst on these issues as you seem to be an interested party, in fact part of the system, hence you sound as angry as Cde Gumbo himself.

    1. Matemai says:

      There is no honor among thieves…this I like. So we are so intelligent but we do not have the balls to speak the truth unless something like this happens. So if Grace had not destroyed zanu pf from inside would we know all this…vakarwa hondo , vaihwanda kuseri kwevamwe nevaingotaurisa. Its painful to be hard done by a system whose rot you cultivated..VaGumbo sorry. You brought up a valid point yesuccession , seriously at 91 years of age people still endorse Mugabe for Presidency…it just goes to show the lack of depth in the party and that the youth league is useless and they are only there to make noise for no apparent reason

    2. Wezhira Wezhara says:

      I don’t aim to be an independent analyst however I object strongly to making Gumbo out to be some sort of heroic figure who has been sacrificed for speaking his mind in defence of principle….Yes I have had dealings with the man an he is no angel and has no principles….It boggles the mind why it had taken so long to expose him…..He is one of the most arrogant an cruel men to ever be involved in politics and we are well rid of him

  22. Taliban says:

    So when provincial chairmen were suspended and the constitution changed in 2004 to thwart the rise of mnangagwa and impose the inept mujuru that was procedural vagumbo? You really are a disgrace! And I really hate the way you destroyed mberengwa as an MP! That’s why you were beaten in the primary elections by a mere news reporter makosini hlongwane!

  23. Farayi Maruzani says:

    When did you know this that ZANU PF is such an evil party.?Zvashata nhasi nokuti wadzingwa.Jim Kunaka aiitei kuMbare and what did JabulaniSibanda do in Bikita 2008 muchinyarara.Rugare Gumbo do you think Mugabe will rig elections for ten years to hand over power to you?Most ZANU MPs were rigged into parliament by Mugabe and they do not even know kuti vakahwina sei.Thats why Grace is coming in.Mugabe family put you in those seats vachibira vamwe vanhu imi makanyarara nhasi moridza mhere nokuti mava panguva yaisina.

  24. Dzamai venyu mese zvituta, mazirema, fight the battle in hand instead of wasting energy to dhodhi risina kupisikwa. Hongu rinonhuhwa asi chiyenda kunorapwa manyoka. Cancer ndi Mugabe, congress akapedza mamembers were appointed. He wants to stay in power until Mwari atonga and meanwhile is annihilating Zimbabwe. Gumbo told us, instead of kutika Zigarwe vent your anger towards kuneriri. We are cowards the least you can do, since you are not ready to fight, is kurega Mwari atonge. At 90 plus, there is senility,dementia kicking in. I don’t see 94 like Mandela, anenge atonga. Ayenda hopefully kuwana mutungamiri but again who knows this is Zimbabwe.

  25. Dzamai venyu mese zvituta, mazirema, fight the battle in hand instead of wasting energy to iri risina kupisikwa. Hongu rinonhuhwa asi chiyenda kunorapwa manyoka. Cancer ndi Mugabe, congress akapedza mamembers were appointed. He wants to stay in power until Mwari atonga and meanwhile is annihilating Zimbabwe. Gumbo told us, instead of kutika Zigarwe vent your anger towards kuneriri. We are cowards the least you can do, since you are not ready to fight, is kurega Mwari atonge. At 90 plus, there is senility,dementia kicking in. I don’t see 94 like Mandela, anenge atonga. Ayenda hopefully kuwana mutungamiri but again who knows this is Zimbabwe.

  26. E Makhate says:

    This guy was and is still part of the kleptocracy.

  27. manyuwa says:

    Gumbo is ryt though he was eating from the same plate with these motherfuckers,Its high time Mugabe should go,Rugare and his fellow gamatox team musnt accept being expelled from the party cz mugabe and grace are not zanu pf, instead they must be brave enough to team up wit the opposition in parliament and pass a vote of no confidence to that old man

  28. Changamire Dombo says:

    Mombe yemurombo inofa nezamu rayo! kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  29. pasipamire says:

    We can’t listen to Rugare Gumbo. Sanu pf is ok only when you are in a leadership position, and is lacking direction when you are out. There are many people who are on record with this idiocy. I mean those who see evil in Zanu pf or MDC after they have been chucked out. Mava kuchando sekuru.

  30. Pipi says:

    Mugabe/Rugare Gumbo,

    If you really are now for the truth tell those of the population who have never fathomed how Gukurahundi massacres took place, what their motives, who commissioned them, then go the Mdc skimirshes of 2000 -08 era, at which time you hook line and ensync with Mugabe…..we want to know the identity of our relatives graves……please we begoooh….Mugabe mistresting of Mujuru and subtrating/additions to ‘his’ constitution is a non event,more like a lovers’ tiff than a real fight, ddnt you chase Nkomo like a fool, Ndabaningi Sithole, treasoned, Churu farm aggrandised by your ilk, Malunga black dogged, give us the finer details sir, what happened to Chininga wakwaChindori, aah imi baba imi…you are all vampires…but at the opportune time therz one that is above your warped intelligence..He is creating all this confusion in the camp of the enemy of poor masses of Timbabwe….stoke the holy ghost fire Zimbabweans that is wher your answer will/has come from….we love our enemies and pray for them.
    Matigumbura Zanu..

  31. Nduna says:

    Please people catch a wakeup….. Whether or not anyone fought in the war doesn’t mean anything! We want Zimbabwean citizens to participate in the running of the country, especially those who were born around 1980. they are in their prime, are full of energy and can fight a different kind of war. Stop this war talk, it’s not important to have fought in any war, what is important is to bring ideas that will move the country forward. For that we need modern, educated young men to take us forward

  32. CC says:

    VaGumbo nyararai zvenyu chiendai kupurazi munoshanda iyezvino coz manga muchiba zvino zvashata chibirwaiwo
    Moyo wenyu wakashata zvikuru makauraya vamwe nemiwo chifaiwo also remember What goes around comes around. Chiregai tione kuti Mugabe nemudzimai vachapengawo kusvika papi penyu papera

  33. mhamo says:

    its actually disgusting to hear that from you MADYIRA now that you no longer belong to the TSVIMBO MUGOTSI clan its now high time you want sympathy from innocent zimbabweans to trash and vomiting your verbal diarrhoea we need young men who were born after 1980 to be part of the government not kuswero tisokosera muchitiudza nezvehondo mukore uno its now a different world . For your own info kwave neinonzi technology mazuvano ‘robotics’ GUMBO NDODZIMWEDZACHO. Dont tell us that you want to conquer and turn economic tables down nekurima vanhu vachifanenzara . Beware mukuru ukaramba uchitaurisa you were part of the team which crippled the judicial system so you might find yourself on the negative side

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